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18 Pro Tips for Effective iOS App Testing

by Marketgit Team

It’s true that app testing is one of the important parts of the app development process. We all know that each iOS device is unique. There are numerous iOS devices in the market, each with different iOS versions and feature capabilities. So, you’ll have a lot of issues to debug. 

Being one of the leading iPhone app development companies in the USA, we ensure to build error-free iOS mobile apps. You might be surprised to know that the number of mobile apps in the App Store grew by over 5.2% compared to the previous quarter. (Statista) The goal of iOS application testing is to offer the best user experience by detecting and resolving bugs.

Highly Preferred iOS App Testing Tools

  • Calabash
  • TestComplete
  • Testdroid
  • Webload
  • Appium Studio
  • Kobiton

In this article, we are going to share a few tips for testing iOS apps effectively. Let us first tell you the meaning of iOS app testing.

What is iOS Application Testing?

The term ‘iOS application testing’ refers to testing an iOS app. iOS app testing involves testing for errors, functionality, and performance issues that can affect the overall quality of the iOS app. There are three primary types of iOS apps i.e. Mobile Web Apps, Native Apps, and Hybrid Applications.

Tips to Test iOS Applications Effectively

Make your iPhone app bug free by following these 18 iOS app testing tips. 

1. Test the iOS app for launch

During iOS application testing, a tester needs to simulate the app on any cloud tool to make sure that the app will run on any device that runs on the iOS operating system smoothly.

2. Never Stop Learning Even If You are a Professional Tester

This rule is not only applicable to testing but also to programming. Don’t feel that you can close yourself off from learning new things if you are a pro. If you want to test your applications effectively, never stop learning new things. Technology is constantly evolving and learning new testing methods will help you be a proficient tester.

3. Field Testing

Field testing is preferred by coders to test weak parts of an application potentially. But it is not as efficient as emulated mobile app testing in eliminating errors in the source code of an app.

4. Untestable code can there, but not untestable behavior   

There is nothing like untestable behavior. There is only untestable code. If you are unable to test any part of your application, you may need to refactor a few parts of the code. The code may be too complex. So, it is advisable to write a clean code by writing it in divisions.

5. Don’t Mix Your Business Domain Tasks With Initialization

It is advisable to separate business logic from initialization. This will simplify your code and make it more testable. Let us tell you what’s wrong with mixing business domain tasks with initialization! It will work but it is not really testable. 

6. Divide the Code Into Smaller Parts

If your class is having more than 150 lines of code, there is something wrong. If it is having more than 300 lines of code, then something is really serious to fix. So, it is advisable to divide your code into small parts as it makes the testing process easier.

7. Follow the SOLID rules

When it comes to testing an iOS app, don’t forget to follow SOLID rules. It includes the Liskov substitution principle, Single responsibility principle, and Dependency inversion principle.

8. The Test Loading Time Of the App

The tester should check the loading time of an app to ensure that it can be loaded faster. It is also advisable to check how the iOS application is loaded on the home screen.

9. Run iOS App Without Internet Connection

During manual testing, the tester needs to check if the app is running without an internet connection. So, it is advisable to run an iOS application without the internet.

10. Test the Application for Memory Leak

Memory leaks can lead to glitches in an app. So, the developer or tester needs to test an iOS application for memory leaks.

11. Security Against Vulnerability

Your iOS application may be at risk of security vulnerabilities. So, testers must ensure that the iOS app is completely secure against cyber threats.

12. Check the App for Interruption

The tester needs to test the iOS application to ensure that the app is still working smoothly after an interruption such as a phone call or a message from other apps on your device.

13. Tests are Always Useful

Don’t think that writing tests are a waste of time. The right testing methods help you fix the bugs in the classes having long lines of code making the application run smoothly.

14. Prefer Automation Testing Over Manual Testing

The test should perform manual as well as automation application testing. But, it is important to test the app on automation mode to help developers or testers to detect and fix bugs faster.

15. Check the Application for Orientation Support

Your iOS app should support both portrait and landscape orientation. So, it is advisable to check if your app is displaying in both portrait and landscape modes.

16. Use Screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words. While testing an iOS app, it is advisable to use screenshots to help web developers in getting a clear picture of the errors detected.

17. Invest in a Good Testing Tool

While there are numerous testing tools online, it is advisable to invest in a high-performance, affordable testing tool.

18. Analyze the Console Output

You can analyze the console output to debug issues in an iOS application. Use the iPhone configuration utility to retrieve the console log.

Final Words

Running tests on an app is highly important as it makes the app run smoothly in the long run. Don’t get disappointed if your code has some bugs. You can fix minor issues rather than fixing everything after launching an app. Choosing the right testing process, tools, and methodologies will make the iOS app testing successful. Follow the above-mentioned tips to make sure that your iOS app is bug-free.

If you’re developing an iOS app and need assistance to make sure that your app is error-free, speak to one of our dedicated and experienced web developers. We will understand your requirements and develop a seamless mobile app according to your requirements.

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