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2022 Guide: SEO Friendly Web Design

by Uneeb Khan

Prior to designing a new website for your business one of the most important things you can do to make both your business and website successful is to keep “SEO” (also known as search engine optimisation) in mind throughout the process.

Designing your web page with SEO is an important strategy to get a higher search ranking on Google and other search engines. Higher search engine rankings will ensure that the business receives greater visibility. This will certainly ensure that your website drives traffic and climbs up the ranking!

The reason why it’s so important to make sure your site is search engine friendly is that 5% of daily engine users do if that doesn’t even go past the first piece of results. So, these extra steps can help your site outrank others and gain traffic faster. If you need support creating and implementing an SEO strategy, get in touch with our accomplished SEO Agency. We have the experience and resources to start ranking your site, driving traffic and boosting sales!

1.      Focus On A Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Taking into consideration the last study about 60% of internet usage is done by mobile devices. It is clear that developing an optimised site for users is a top priority.

Of course, what many of us find most annoying about visiting a site from a smartphone is the difficult and slow experience we can have. Each time we face a mobile error, we might even leave the site in frustration. Therefore, a device-friendly design is essential for attracting users, keeping customers, and boosting conversions. Google and major search engines take mobile-friendly into consideration when ranking your website. Once you get it right, your traffic can skyrocket, protecting your brand reputation in the process.

2.      Develop Optimised Content

Another top priority you should be doing as part of your website’s design is ensuring that your pages are correctly designed. You need to ensure that each page’s information is optimized for search engines crawlers to understand it.

For the best crawling and ranking results, we recommend you start with an H1. From then on, each headline should be broken down into H2s, H3s, etc. It will help with the natural reading flow and improve the crawler’s understanding of your content. Meanwhile, you should add internal links or external links within the content. You should also feature your specific page keyword 5-6 times. Furthermore, these keywords must be displayed on many pages of the website, so that they can better recognize relevant content and product pages they want to explore.

3.      On & Off-Page SEO

When establishing a successfully optimised website the biggest difficulty you are likely to be facing is the technical SEO. Technical SEO is based on on-site and off-site strategies and techniques.

Assuming that your site isn’t perfect, there’s always a chance of having errors. There are certain backend shortfalls on your website that can affect your site performance. Some of the most critical errors that render websites to be penalized by search engine crawlers are search engine crawl errors and 4xx and 5xx errors. Spelling and grammatical errors in on-site content can also hurt your ranking.

Once your website is all set up, making sure that this website design Singapore is complete is critical. To ensure all content is properly indexed, search engine crawlers will have to be able to see every individual page. So, making sure of all of these will make sure your SEO web design is successful.

Wrapping up

While these are just a few tips that you may need to keep in mind while optimising your website to receive better SEO rankings. There are many other aspects that may be affecting the search rate of your site. Get in touch with our Digital Marketing Agency for reputable SEO solutions. Our solutions can bring both positive results and a positive return on your investment!

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