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5 Amazing Golf Courses In Australia

by Uneeb Khan

Australia is known for its scenic locations and diverse landscapes. Australians have developed a growing interest in the sport of golf. With that, they have created multiple picturesque golf courses. 

Boasting an incredible 1800 courses scattered across the country, Australians have no difficulty finding a golf course in any location. The classes are challenging, rare, and ideal in every way. 

These courses will surely challenge and hone your golfing skills from locations in the city to the seaside. As a bonus, golfers are immersed in the highly diverse wildlife and untouched landscapes that are truly worthy of being a golfer’s paradise. 

Here are the five amazing golf courses in Australia:

Royal Melbourne Golf Club – West

On top of the list is the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. It is coined as one of the most popular golf courses globally. Crafted by world-renowned Scottish architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie, the course gave rise to the famous Melbourne Sandbelt in 1891. Its course design is both challenging and fun for golfers of all ages. Its stunningly beautiful landscape surely makes it Australia’s number 1 golf course to date.

Cape Wickham Golf Links

Situated in King Island’s north-eastern tip, Cape Wickham Golf Links offers a memorable golfing experience. It is surrounded by coastal scenery in all of its 18-hole courses. Golfers are exposed to the sea breeze while maneuvering around the fairway’s intricate design. It highlights a spectacular Southern Oceanview, which includes the Bass Strait.

Barnbougle Dunes Golf Links

The Barnbougle Dunes Golf links are located at the remote coast of Northern Tasmania. It is well known as one of the world’s most impressive link courses. It has successfully combined human craftsmanship and the majestic spectacle of Mother Nature to its course design. “Tom’s Little Devil” at par 7 is one of the course’s highlights. It necessitates precision and accuracy among golfers due to its slightly elevated tee going to a tiny, upturned fairway. 

Ellerton Golf Club – NSW

Considered as New South Wales Hunter Valley’s hidden gem, the Ellerton Golf Club’s luxurious landscape in the high country is reserved only for the wealthiest golfers. The fairway boasts great awe-inspiring views and challenging greens for able golfers to bask in and enjoy.

Royal Adelaide Golf Club

The Royal Adelaide Golf club offers an extremely enjoyable golfing experience. Its immense link course situated in sandy craters and dunes of beachside Seaton requires shot creativity among its patrons. It has also served as a venue for most Australian Open competitions over the years.

However, it might not be possible for the average golfer to go to these amazing golf courses. As an alternative, an amateur golfer can buy golf simulators. The Garmin golf simulator offers a highly realistic and detailed user feel of world-renowned golf courses. Its ability to project golf environments filled with breathtaking landscapes is well appreciated by its platform users. It may not beat traveling to these legendary fairways, but it is a great alternative. It allows users to experience what it feels like to play infamous courses without leaving their homes. It can also serve as an ideal practice ground before heading on that dream golf weekend adventure.  

Key Takeaways

There are a lot of world-renowned golf courses in Australia. From shoreline views to intricately designed fairways, golfers have a lot of areas to choose from. 

However, playing in these courses is just a dream for the average golfer. Golf simulators gladly solve that problem. The Garmin golf simulator, for example, provides a lifelike golfing experience on some beautiful global driving ranges. Its highly detailed and realistic fairways give the user an exhilarating feeling of what it’s like to be playing in world-famous golf courses. 

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