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5 Most Magnificent Marble Staircase Designs

by Uneeb Khan

Stairs are usually used to move among different levels of your house. They play an important role in the elevation of your home outlook. So, the most beautiful staircase flight makes a very attractive attachment to the whole room. Like when it comes to adding glamor to your staircase marble is the top choice. There are multiple kinds of marble styles and designs. Thus, there is on prime marble type such as Carrara white marble. There are a lot of prime Carrara marble shops where you can buy online tiles at fair prices. . Here are some magnificent marble staircase designs.

What’s In This Article?

  1. Marble Stairs With Wooden Railings
  2. Granite Stairs To Add Glamor
  3. Glass Stair Design
  4. Double Tone Marble Staircase
  5.  Aesthetic Italian Marble 
  6. Conclusion

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Marble Stair Design Ideas for your stylish home

Marble Stairs With Wooden Railings:

Marble gives an elegant look to your home’s interior design. As you must know, marble is an extremely porous material. It also is a very slippery material. So, when wooden railings are added they give a very perfect choice. Like wood gives a very warm and rustic tone to your home. 

Thus, also reduces the risk of accidents and tripping hazards. Marble adds a significant contrast to your interior design. And the wood will match up with your wall cabinets, furniture, doors, and windows. Lastly, add this combo to your home to give a vintage look to your modern home.

Granite Stairs To Add Glamor:

Granite and marbles both have a very warming charm and elegance. So, granite is a remarkable alternative to marble stairs. It will help you reduce the overall price of the staircase design. Moreover, it will also not compromise on the enchanting visual appeal to the space. This will try the combination of granite and marble staircase design. Thus, this gives the finest and vintage look to your modern home interior.

Glass Stair Design:

If you want to give a modern marble stair design for your home. You must go for elegant floating marble stairs with glass railings. This will create a clean and sleek look and give a very spacious outlook to your home design. Moreover, you also have a panorama of choice giving marble for staircases. The glass railings give a very elegant touch to marble. Thus, expose the creative feel of your personality to give your home a super stylish outlook.

Double Tone Marble Staircase:

There are a lot of ways to take your home aesthetics to the next level of elegance and durability. So, make your modern marble stair design very enchanting. The real combination of some lighter tone marble with any darker tone marble looks very attractive. This gives an overall aesthetic and enchanting appeal. Like you can match a Carrara white marble with any darker shade marble. You can get it from any affordable Carrara marble shop.

Thus, you can unleash your creativity with multiple colors and textures. This gives a very attractive and eye-soothing vibe to the whole home. Moreover, you must make sure to play with a soft, warm, and elegant color choice for your home. This gives an overall decorative outlook to your whole home.

Aesthetic Italian Marble:

Italian carrara white marble is quite famous for its elegant outlook. Like they have soft intricate veining patterns with a sleek shine on them. The Italian marble is a perfect choice for your staircase in home, restaurants, kitchens, hallways, etc. So, if you’re on a hunt to have some attractive and durable Italian marble for the staircase. 

Then you can try some lighter tone Italian marble shades. Moreover, you can pair it up with metallic or other designer railings around the stairs. When you add proper lighting over the Italian Marble staircase. It gives a quite enhanced and attractive outlook to your home. So, blend a unique style of marble with modern interiors to give a very eye-catching home outlook.


Marble staircase gives your home a touch of sleekness and timeless beauty to your whole home. This marble gives an enchanting outlook to your modern home interior. As you know marble is of a porous nature and quite slippery in wet areas. So, if you want marble over stairs, design them elegantly. And also away from moisture and liquid. 

Here in this above article, you must have got an idea. That is how you can utilize marble stone in your staircase. So, design them like mentioned above to enhance the whole home aesthetics. Justify your home design curiosity with some super sleek marble design ideas.

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