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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a VPN for Your Streaming Needs

by Victor

If you love to watch movies and TV shows online, you must have always faced issues while trying to access movies and shows outside your geographic region. Well, this is why you need a VPN service. Streaming channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime show content according to one’s geographic region. Most streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime show content according to one’s geographic region, but this can quickly be resolved by using a VPN service. Here’s how a VPN for streaming can help you:

1.   Faster Internet Speed

Some internet service providers (ISPs) practice bandwidth throttling and shaping, which lowers your internet speed, and your data is then not routed through the fastest channels. Apart from that, some ISPs monitor your activities and limit your internet bandwidth for a specific type of traffic, like high-quality video streaming or large file downloads, to provide users with an overall positive experience.

As a result, they deceive you into paying extra to get a faster internet speed, downloads, or buffer-free streaming. At the same time, this can easily be eliminated by simply using a VPN service.

Using a VPN can eliminate bandwidth throttling. When a VPN encrypts your internet connection, your Internet Service Provider won’t be able to monitor or track your activity, eventually failing to identify your connection or limiting your internet bandwidth. So, if your ISP monitors your internet activities, a VPN will make you anonymous, improving your internet speed.

Of course, choosing a VPN is an investment in itself. But if you are thinking about upgrading your internet plan, try to invest in a VPN first because it charges a relatively lower fee than the up-gradation plan that your internet service provider must have offered you.

2.   Buffer Free Streaming

We all have once in our life faced buffering issues while streaming our favorite videos or shows, but that can easily be solved by using a VPN while streaming. Some ISPs monitor the activities of their subscribers on a network, especially when they engage in a data-intensive activity such as streaming. Such activities require a sizeable bandwidth, leading to a slower internet speed and network congestion. This can lead to buffering issues which are pretty frustrating to deal with.

A VPN eliminates bandwidth throttling and limitations imposed by your ISP and provides you with the highest quality buffer-free streaming.

But that’s not the case every time; not all VPNs are best for streaming. On the other hand, some VPNs reduce your internet speed, making it worse for you to stream your favorite shows online. So, we recommend you choose a VPN that claims to provide you with buffer-free streaming, like a VPN for streaming.

3.   Bypass Geo-Blocking

As stated above, we often face an error while accessing content outside of our geographic region. A VPN helps you bypass the geo-restrictions by eliminating the censorship of providers both at the national and local levels.

Masking your IP address through a VPN service allows you to access content designed for the US audience while sitting in Canada or vice versa. You need to invest in a VPN service that offers the an almost infinite supply of VPN servers.

4.   Stream Securely on Public Wi-Fi

The chances of becoming vulnerable to data snooping while streaming on a public streaming Wi-Fi network are immense. As a result, you can become a victim of cybercrimes as hackers or cybercriminals can access your credential-related information or your device’s data.

VPNs offer the highest level of encryption that protects you from cybercrimes. Some even offer up to 256-bit encryption to eliminate the security risks to help you stream your favorite content on public Wi-Fi networks.

5.   Enjoy Live Sports

Plenty of channels carry out live telecasts of some of the major sporting events like IIHF and US PGA. These sporting events are broadcast according to the provider’s licensing requirements in a region.

With a VPN, you can broadcast your favorite sporting event when traveling or in a location with the broadcaster’s unavailability and licensing restrictions. A VPN masks your IP address and tricks live streaming service providers into believing that your device falls in the area with the licensing permission to broadcast that show. In this way, you can bypass the restrictions imposed by regional broadcasters.

Final Thoughts

We all have misconceptions about VPNs, but using a VPN can have many benefits. A VPN makes you anonymous and helps bypass geo-restrictions imposed by specific streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It also enables you to secure your connection from the threat of cybercrimes and data theft. So, if you are looking to access content outside your geographic region, get your hands on a VPN for streaming with servers in that location that is fast enough to help you stream without stuttering.

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