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9 Best Crypto Apps to Install in 2022

by Victor

Are you aware of the fact that digital currencies can be bought, sold, and traded while you’re on the move? It is right time you have to know the importance of digital currency. For crypto trade, all you need and require is one of the best crypto apps.

In this article, we will learn about the 9 best crypto trading apps to consider in 2022. Here, you will also be able to analyze and read the reviews of the mentioned crypto apps and go with them according to your needs. 

The explosion in the cryptocurrency industry has empowered the quick surge of mobile developmentservices and products related to cryptocurrency. One of the best examples of such development can be cryptocurrency apps.

The reason behind this sudden growth of Cryptocurrencies in mobile development services is the superfluous increase in the price of cryptocurrencies. Talking about the year 2021, the cryptocurrency’s price surges to its all-time highest. It again reached new heights soon after many countries regulated & legalized cryptocurrencies.

As a crypto enthusiast, you can trade crypto in many different ways. Normally, users opt for thebest crypto apps to carry forward the trading process. This is because the crypto apps offer ease of use and are user-friendly. Moreover, crypto applications do not have the involvement of any third party that can refuse to process a transaction or can be controlled by anyone.

Advanced and professional traders consider top crypto trading apps as an ideal platform for crypto trading. Best crypto apps can improve your trading strategies a step ahead thereby adding more crypto to your portfolio with the right tools.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Before knowing about the best crypto apps to install in 2022, let’s learn about what’s a cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a digital/programmed/automated form of currency that serves as a medium to execute trading assets exchange with one another and helps you trade on decentralized platforms anonymously. Cryptocurrency is quite different from the other fiat currencies such as USD, JPY, etc. You may watch cryptocurrency videos to help you understand the system better.

The primary difference between digital currency and fiat currency is that crypto relies on cryptography for regulation, transaction and designation of new units of the currencies.

Cryptocurrencies stay on a network that is popularly known as the Blockchain. All in all, crypto is a decentralized, transparent, and unregulated digital coin. Crypto is free of any particular government’s intervention.

What to Expect When Looking for the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps?

Today, mobile developmentservices and products are at huge heights. Hence, you will encounter thousands of crypto apps while searching for the best cryptocurrency trading apps.

Disregards the cryptocurrency you opt to invest in, you are obliged to stay connected and follow a few points. These points will help you know what’s to be expected while choosing a particular crypto trading app.

1.    High-Level Security

The first thing to look upon while deciding which crypto app is suitable for trading is ‘security’. You have to determine whether you will be investing in a long-term or short-term crypto trade platform. A long-term investment calls for increased app security. Hence, high-level security is necessary while you seek the best crypto app.

Giant cryptocurrency transactions, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are tough to dig upon. Once the transaction between wallets is initiated, it is almost unfeasible to stop the transaction. You might find it difficult to receive your money back. Moreover, owing to the decentralized nature of the crypto coins, identifying the owner of a specific wallet becomes difficult.

Criminals and hackers take advantage of this infeasibility, execute, and get into the malpractices such as money theft. Hence, while choosing a crypto app go for the one which has high alert security features. Keep Looking for Crypto apps that offer 2-factor authentication and can track any unauthorized transaction are one of the things to consider when looking for best cryptocurrency trading apps.

2.    Real-Time Data

The prices of digital currencies fluctuate round the clock. So, you must opt for such a crypto app that offers you the current and latest information minute-by-minute. Real-time data is an important feature of best crypto apps because the data soon turns antiquated with the increase or decrease in the price/value of even one of a single coin.

Real-time data and information serve crucially while trading crypto because it ensures that you are not sticking to old information while making new investment plans.

3.    Number of cryptocurrencies

While choosing the best crypto apps, you must examine the number of cryptocurrencies it offers. Why does it matter anyway? It is because if the mobile application development services provide limited currencies to a particular app, you would have to use another platform for trading other assets.

This issue can be easily avoided. All you need to do is select the best crypto trading platform, which comes with numerous currency options to invest in.

4.    Cost

You are very well aware of the fact that ‘price’/’cost’ is considered to be the most important factor while considering to opt for a crypto trading app. Don’t forget to examine multiple things like ‘deposit or withdrawal fee’, ‘trading fee’, etc. Also, check the additional costs associated with a crypto app. Compare the various apps with each other to decide between the best crypto apps.

The above-mentioned points are the maximum factors you should consider while choosing the cryptocurrency app. Now, let us know about 9 crypto apps to install in 2022.

9 Best Crypto Apps to Install in 2022

We very well understand that going ahead with trade and commerce in the digital field is not an easy task. Especially if you are into cryptocurrency trading. This is because cryptocurrency gained popularity only a few years ago. It is still counted under a new trend of investments. Anyways, you just remember that crypto prices are volatile.

Today, you will come across several types of apps like mobile phone-based trading apps, general financial apps, and special crypto apps. Choosing the best one is up to your needs and requirements.

If you’re hunting for a quick analysis of the very best crypto apps in the market in 2022 – consider the nine apps outlined below. The Top 9 Crypto Trading Apps Reviewed are carefully designed by the mobile app development services.

1.    CoinBase :: Android :: iOS

CoinBase is considered to be one of the best crypto trading apps. Users here will be availed of their preferred products and services such as eCommerce payment assets, protection and staking services, interest-earning products, etc. This crypto app is a top-ranking platform for most professional traders.

CoinBase can be used to trade several significant digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, etc. This app avails users with the capability to trade 96 digital currencies. The best feature of this app is its user-friendly interface. Users find this crypto app quick, easy to operate and visually appealing.

To trade on CoinBase all you have to do is create an account for trading with them. This process is very easy with just the bare minimum steps. Just download the app and feed your identity for opening the account. Commonly, the cost or the trading fee of using this crypto app is at least 1.99%.

2.    eToro :: Android :: iOS

eToro is second on the list of best crypto appsfor trading. This is because this app is compatible and available to all types of traders and investors in the crypto space. As an investor, you can trade 90 cryptocurrencies on this platform.

Users find eToro to be a user-friendly trading app that makes the trading experience quite hassle-free. The best feature of this trading app is it allows users to follow successful traders and copy their strategies. So, you can grab this great priceless data from flourishing and growing successful traders.

eToro also has another striking feature, i.e., zero payable fees for money deposits (using a debit or credit card). Nonetheless, the platform charges a minimal fee of 0.5% for conversion to non-USD currencies.

3.    Binance :: Android :: iOS

Binance has gained immense popularity & is considered to be one of the best crypto apps in the last few years. The app Binance contains the highest trading volumes amongst all other alternative crypto trading apps mentioned in this article. Your transaction is highly safe in this app hence; you can completely rely on it for executing all crypto trades.

Binance provides you with an abundance of coins that are all tradeable. The platform charge is very nominal. The fee is only 0.02% for the transactions. Having said that, if you decide to pay or deposit money via debit or credit card, you would be charged a bit more, i.e., a commission of 3.5% for every transaction or $10.

4.    BlockFi :: Android :: iOS

Are you looking for thebest crypto apps that offer you the best crypto savings & maximum returns? BlockFi is the ideal solution. Users of BlockFi are eligible to receive a compound interest of around 3% to 7.5% on their crypto holdings. So, you can choose to invest your money over BlockFi rather than in a savings account & enjoy a good Return on Investment.

BlockFi pays you the interest earned at the beginning of every month. The aggravating effect multiplies the annual yield for BlockFi users. The app also offers crypto-based loans at 4.5% APR. So, if you want to extend interest, consider investing in stable coins like GUSD, USDC, etc.; all of these coins are available with BlockFi.

5.    Blockchain :: Android :: iOS

Blockchain is another best crypto app because it’s easily accessible over android and iPhones. Any users who are looking forward to trading crypto through their phones can opt for this cryptocurrency app. Blockchain is a user-friendly app that helps you carry the trading hassle-free. It is because this crypto trading app offers a user-friendly interface and that helps you be free from any trouble.

Blockchain houses the majority of big currencies such as BTC, Ethereum, etc. On this trading app, users can buy, sell, manage and store their Bitcoins and altcoins. Furthermore, the app contains many exotic altcoins that are not accessible on other trading platforms. Read more on blockchain app development features and its cost in 2022.

You must be mesmerized by one of the most highlighting features of this app, i.e., the Blockchain app is available in 21 languages. Other striking features of this app are its two-factor authentication, TOR blocking, and PIN protection for security measures.

6.    Webull :: Android :: iOS

Webull is also one of the best crypto apps because of its excellent features. Apart from crypto, this app offers stocks, options, margin trading, and ETFs with zero fee commission. People prefer Webull over other crypto trading apps as transactions over here are quite simple and hassle-free.

The distinctive feature of Webull is that it functions as a spread markup for executing huge crypto trades. Henceforth, the investor’s cost will automatically help to build quick spreads into the trade order book. Once you are on this platform, you can trade on several big coins such as BTC, Ethereum, Cardano, etc.

Talking about the cost, the app charges you zero commission on trading. Anyways, you will have to pay a spread markup cost of 1% on a 100 basis.

7.    Exodus :: Android :: iOS

Mobile application development services have designed another ideal crypto trading app – Exodus. This app is easy-to-use, and offers an effective hot wallet, and is intuitive & secure during transactions. Moreover, Exodus supports above 125 cryptocurrencies tradable coins.

You can either buy or sell digital assets with one click over Exodus. They also provide you with live charts and portfolio tracking utilities. The app has many other awesome characteristics, such as 24*7 customer support, offline transaction ability (Trezor devices), etc.

8.    Coin Stats :: Android :: iOS

This is one of the best crypto apps because it is ideal for users who want to keep proper track of the price of cryptocurrencies. Coin Stats is highly popular amongst investors who want the current and latest information about crypto prices and fluctuations.

Coin Stats is such a nice trading app where you can very easily create a portfolio. Hence, it is recommended for a beginner in the crypto space to go with this. You would be happy to know that Coin Stats offers you more than a thousand currencies to trade on.

Moreover, users here can interlink their wallets with innumerable exchanges. The app comes in two versions: free and paid. Talking about the paid version, it costs a fee of $4.99 a month and $39.99 yearly.

9.    Kraken :: Android :: iOS

Kraken is another best & amazing crypto trading platform. Here you can trade several coins such as BTC, Cardano, Solana, etc. The best aspect of this crypto trading app is that it contains a lot of coins that you won’t find on other platforms.

Kraken allows you to trade 87 cryptos in total. The app has both paid as well as free versions. Opting for the pro/paid version will cost you a minimal fee. Users here are charged around a 1.5% fee and 0.9% for stable coins.


Suppose you’re hunting for the best crypto trading apps in 2022. The above nine apps will help you carefully manage your Portfolio, track prices, and get the latest information about the coins you’re holding. The above top 9 Crypto Trading Apps Are Reviewed and carefully designed by the mobile development services with the necessary features to improve your trading strategies.

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