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A Complete Guide To Secure Your Website 2023

by Victor

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, which gives new/inexperienced people with no knowledge of any script or programming language to post their content easily and effectively. Today, WordPress users use this CMS software to create membership sites, online stores, administrative programs, and school management – Guide To Secure Your Website

Its popularity can be measured by the fact that 28% to 32% of the sites are powered by WordPress. In addition, it empowers a wide variety of domains and industries making it a very flexible web publishing environment.

Although WordPress’s main environment is securely secure, it still has a few annoying features. However, it also needs to be understood that most of the WordPress websites that have been compromised are due to Webmaster’s / admins’ lack of confidence/indifference.

In this section, we are going to discuss how admins/owners can protect their websites from hacking. So, here we go.

Choose a completely secure hosting website

Guide To Secure Your Website

From the outset as an owner/developer/website manager you need to choose a completely secure hosting site. It simply means that various technologies such as PHP, Database (MySQL), and built-in firewalls are designed for their latest versions. Servers with obsolete items tend to compromise. It helps to secure WordPress hosting.

Install SSL to your website

Guide To Secure Your Website

SSL is second on the list to make your website secure. So, how does SSL offer you protection? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a cryptographic protocol designed to provide secure internet communications. It simply means sensitive information such as credit card details is encrypted before moving through various servers. Security lock next to the browser address bar sets for hackers. It costs less than $ 100. Buy one today! Protect your sensitive information, and protect your customers. So do not forget to install an SSL certificate on your website.

Choose a strong password

One of the most common reasons why WordPress websites are broken is password strength. Simple password … simply ask the problem. Hackers can easily access your control panel and take control of your site.

So, how to choose a good strong password? Make sure to use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. A sophisticated password will force the hacker to target multiple attempts, and over and over again. As a webmaster/owner you will definitely see this unusual activity.

Use paid themes

Remember that freedom is not always the best option. Free WordPress themes are usually not tested for security posts. You see a lot of free wordpress blog themes. In addition, they do not provide technical support or updates, at least in most cases.

In that case, using free wordpress themes may endanger your site by using malicious code or obsolete practices/technologies. The theme contains several sensitive files/objects that can open the way to a major threat. One such example is scriptural attacks, especially forms. So download themes from the latest WordPress.org or popular theme builders.

 WP-Admin URL

A Complete Guide To WordPress Security 2021

Favorite hacker track is the wp-admin login url. File management with WordPress’s private position is an open secret. Everyone knows the way to the administrative area by / wp-admin. It provides an easy way to use cruel power. So, what is the option? Change the wp-admin url of this folder. You can change by “wp admin change url plugin”  (Make sure to choose the best wp-admin change wordpress plugin). To have a successful website, you have to enhance it with many elements. These elements range from author boxes and guest posts to coming soon pages. But of course, according to the type of website, you will pick the elements that suit it best.

Use dual authorization

A Complete Guide To WordPress Security 2021

Strengthen the handling area with additional protection such as dual authorization. Therefore, even if your new administrator site has been compromised by a criminal you still need to provide more responses/input to access the administrator panel of your website. Guide To Secure Your Website

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