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All about stick on clothing labels

by Victor

Undoubtedly, the stick on clothing labels is simply awesome. This is primarily because it can be washed via a washer over thirty times. Moreover, the material of name label stickers can be printed by UV, EXO, cut plotter, and latex digital printers.

The high advantages of stick on clothing labels

The stick on clothing labels in comparison to iron-on name-label materials is self-adhesive stickers and effortless to install. These name label stickers are made of very safe materials and thus are environmentally friendly. In addition, these vital stickers have successfully passed the four essential certifications viz. Water safe, ROHS, EU Reach, and CPC kids safe.

The name label stickers that are designed especially for clothes materials are effectively used in kids’ clothing tags, camps, seniors, nursing homes, etc. These easily washable sticks on name tag raw material factory can be availed at the best price and one can choose to optimize his or her material cost if he or she desires to opt for a printing business.

It is interesting to note that name label stickers have recycled paper liners which makes them secure with nil curling. These stickers can be used on the surface of paper boxes, shoes, bags, cups, plastics, etc., and are compatible with solvent UV, Eco, HP latex printer, offset, label, and screen printers. 

How to safely procure name label stickers online

The stick on clothing labels can be securely and instantly procured online through access to https://www.greatk2.com/. They are nationally and internationally pioneers in the stick on clothing labels material manufacturers.

K2 are leaders since they focus on self-adhesive as well as crucial inkjet coating products. They are integrated with over ten years of manufacturing experience through adjustment, optimization, and improvement. They constantly strive to render the highest quality name label stickers.

Additionally, these unbeatable producers of name label stickers are assimilated with over forty quality control processes that initiate from the formulation of standardized raw material, to purchases, production, quality inspection, and shipment wherein they use super imported AB corrugated boxes to package their goods. 

The acclaimed manufacturers of stick on clothing labels are equipped with an unparalleled R & D center and at the same time have excellent relationships with several research institutions and cooperative companies. They have introduced the newest products in the market like cast graphics vinyl and prime printable mirror metallic films.

K2 has incredible serviceability. They believe that an excellent product is itself a true way of service. The efficient team of name label stickers is present 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to assist their global customers. Surprisingly, an interested user of stick on clothing labels can acquire free samples too.

He or she can instantly send an inquiry by filling out a straightforward online form or a quick chat with their staff. They will immediately respond to their universal customers. The production time of K2 is around ten to fifteen days for the delivery of rolls with pallets. Nonetheless, the delivery time of ordered name label stickers is dependent on the detailed requirements of the clients’ orders.

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