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Best Alternatives to Sling TV Canada 2022

by Victor

Sling TV is among the most popular streaming services, along with Netflix and Prime Video. If you want to free yourself from the chains of cable television subscriptions, you need to look out for services like Sling TV, as it is economical and better than most TV subscriptions.

But can you watch Sling TV outside the US?

Unfortunately, Sling TV is not available to people living outside the United States, which means that if you are in Canada, you can not stream Sling TV, and you’ll receive the following error message on your screen:


Best Alternatives to Sling TV Canada 2022

However, if you can’t resist streaming SlingTV in Canada, you can either do so by using a VPN or by choosing among the safest and closest alternatives to Sling TV mentioned below:

Best Alternatives of Sling TV in Canada

Since Sling TV is only available for the US audience, you must be wondering about the best alternatives for Sling TV in Canada. Various streaming services provide way more channels than Sling TV at similar or lower prices.

Some of the best alternatives for Sling TV are mentioned below:

1. Fubo TV

Fubo TV

The best alternative available for Sling TV in Canada is Fubo TV. It has the most competitive prices compared to the quality and channels offered.

Fubo TV offers three distinct packages for its audience. Each package is a step up from the previous one. The starter package of Fubo TV costs over $64.99 with 100 channel access and 250 hours of DVR space. This package also offers use on three devices at a single time.

Apart from the competitive packages, the service offers exceptional multi-device support. You can access Fubo TV from anywhere, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, TV Stick, and Roku. You can also easily access Fubo TV on your smartphones (both iOS and Android).

2. Philo TV


Philo TV is one of the cheapest alternatives available in the market for Sling TV in Canada. The lowest price does not mean it offers sub-par content or fewer channels.

A Philo TV subscription costs around $25/month and a 7-day free trial. Philo TV offers you more than 60 channels with the best HD content in this subscription. Unlike other streaming services, Philo TV offers unlimited DVR space. It also allows you to access up to 3 devices simultaneously.

This streaming service is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon FireTV, and other supported devices. Moreover, it has a vast on-demand library that allows users to rewind up to 72 hours of content missed while away.

3. Hulu with Live TV


Hulu is yet another exceptional alternative for Sling TV. For $68.99, Hulu offers you Disney+, ESPN+, and an endless on-demand library.

Hulu has everything for everyone. If you are a sports fan like me, you can enjoy access to various sports channels to keep you updated with all the matches. The only drawback Hulu has is that it only supports two devices simultaneously, whereas Sling TV supports more.

Hulu offers you over 85,000 titles along with Disney+ and ESPN+ subscriptions. Isn’t that cool? What could be better than that? This is awesome as you can watch whatever you want with Hulu Live TV.

4. Vidgo TV

Vidgo TV

Vidgo TV is another fantastic substitute to Sling TV in Canada. At Vidgo TV, you can get the English Plus package for $55/month, the English premium at $79.95/month, and the Spanish Mas for $30/month. All Vidgo accounts offer a 7-day free trial during the first month.

Vidgo offers over 95 channels in the English Vidgo package, 112 channels on the English premium package, and over 30 channels on the Spanish Mas package.

Vidgo TV is accessible on only several devices, unlike other streaming services. It can support up to 3 devices simultaneously. You can enjoy the vast titles, content, and sports available at Vidgo TV, making it an exceptional alternative to Sling TV.

5. Youtube TV

Youtube TV

YouTube TV is another excellent alternative to Sling TV. It offers you most, if not all, channels on Sling TV’s basic package. You can also select any device you want to access YouTube TV as it supports almost all devices available.

Moreover, YouTube TV offers the best subscription discounts because it is comparatively new in the market. YouTube TV subscription is $64.99/month and allows you to access over 80 cable and OTA networks.

It also gives users the best DVR services to access their favorite content compared to other streaming services. The DVR offered by YouTube TV is unlimited, and you can keep your recordings for over 9 months! You can also create up to 6 profiles on one YouTube TV account, and each profile can access the same DVR offer.

Sounds fun, right?

Final Thoughts

Sling TV is an excellent option for streamers who favor cord-cutting. Still, since it is only available for the people living in the US, streamers should be aware of the alternatives available to Sling TV in Canada. In this article, we have mentioned alternatives to Sling TV that will help you stream your favorite content from Canada or anywhere in the world, so make the most of this information and have a wonderful streaming experience.

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