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Best Debugging Tools For Developers In 2022

by Victor

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best debugging tools of 2022 that will help you in testing websites. So let’s see the list and know how they work and how they helped the developers in 2022.

So what a debugging tool is used for? Debugging tool is used mainly by developers and people when they need to find or fix any bugs, defects or fix an error that occurred on the PC.

Bugs are very harmful to the system software, they are mainly errors in the code of a software program that can abruptly crash the program. That’s why debugging tools are used to remove these errors and defects from the program. So that the program can run smoothly without any crashes.

Debugging helps the person to manage the program coded in the system and also helps in deeply exploring all the operational setup of the system program and other third-party application software installed on the user’s PC.

Sometimes when the different modules or subsystems are correlated to each other in the program, then the debugging can become tougher as any alteration in any of the modules or subsystems may lead to the creation of more bugs. And this is where the user needs the help of the debuggers or the debugging tools the most.

Best debugging tools can help one in easily debugging  the operating systems in kernel mode and drivers and also the window applications in user mode

The market is flooded with the debugging tools that are available for Windows PC, considering all these factors, let’s discuss some of the best debugging tools of 2022.

1.  Immunity Debugger

Immunity Debugger has lived up to its name, it has been one of the best debugging tools in 2022. Immunity Debugger is one of the best tools to analyze malware and rebound engineer binary files on the system. It has been developed with one of the super easy user interfaces, and direct heap analysis methodologies and tools are used in its design.

Extensive language usage is the core of Immunity Debugger which eventually leads to automating the complete intelligent debugging process. This debugger can help the user cut exploiting the development time by up to 50%.

There is no doubt that this debugging tool is one of the promising tools for debugging for Windows PC that helps the user in rapid debugging and helps to stop the corruption of files during complicated analysis.

Immunity Debugger is free of cost and can download from its website.

2.  Syser Debugger

Syser debugging tool also came on the list of one of the best debugging tools in 2022.

Syser debugger is a 32-bit X86 kernel-level program. All the windows operating systems instructions can be traced by it, at any end time. The compatibility of this debugger with C/C++ source code debugging and color disassembly is quite good.

It is also capable of running multiple virtual engines like VMware, and can also be used as a driver developer for Windows. It is one of the best debugging tools and it is available for Windows PC for free.

3.  Zend Studio Debugger

Third on our list of the best debugging tools in 2022 is Zend Studio debugger. It is one of the most intelligent debugging tools that help the user to thoroughly analyze all codes and also offers numerous features that help the user or developer code freely without any hassle. Zend Studio comes with an advanced editing setting which saves lots of time for users through impressive code assistance.

Zend studio debugger is equipped with highly modern functionalities that can also be used for  PHP application deployment on any server. Zend studio also helps the user to enjoy other utilities like GitFlow, Docker, and Eclipse Plugins.

4.  Visual Studio Debugger

Visual Studio debugger is also on the list of one of the best debugging tools in 2022.

It comes with a set of project design and debugging tools that contribute to making Visual Studio debugger another set of powerful tools. It helps the user to recognize bugs and resolve other issues related to them, easily and quickly.

The power of its deep code analysis, and different design output process makes it the best tool to find errors in a software code. It also helps the user to write the code in multiple languages and the user can also alter the interface based on his or her personal preference.

5.  WinDbg

WinDbg is also on the list of one of the best debugging tools of 2022. WinDbg is available online free of cost. WinDbg debugging tool is a multipurpose tool that is designed for the debugging of drivers, overall operating system, and user mode apps. WinDbg is developed and designed by the developing company of Windows i.e. Microsoft.

More than one interconnected PC is required to function WinDbg at its full capacity. Defects, errors, and bugs can be easily located and quickly resolved with the help of the WinDbg tool.

6.  OllyDbg

OllyDbg is one of the lightweight debugging tools. The entire process of debugging a system software code becomes smooth and quicker by incorporating automation in every function. It is based on a reverse engineering method, this software can be used by the user to crack an entire system and third-party installed applications on PCs.

The users use OllyDbg  quite often for it makes DLLs debugging, file scanning, software cracking, code analysis, malware, and virus analysis easier for them

OllyDbg is open source and available for free download. It also helps the user in indicating the content of registers, recognizes procedures, tables, constant API calls, and tracks routines from object libraries and files, and strings.

 Debugging websites using LT Debug

LT Debug is one of the best free debugging tools available online. LT Debug has more than nine-simple to use debugging features which are used by developers and help reduce their manual testing efforts.

One of the coolest features that have caught the eyes of many developers is that LT Debug also comes with the feature of Dark Mode, user can activate this mode just by clicking on the sun and moon icon present at the top right corner of the LT window to activate that feature.

What are the top features of LT Debug?

LT Debug comes with nine features that are loved and praised by the developers and testers, let us know about these amazing features-

1.    Add or Modify Header

This is one of the most liked features of LT Debug it allows the user to add or remove or modify the header of the website, and allows the user to easily test the header for any website request.

2.    Block Requests

One of the other cool features of the LT Debug tool that developers love is that it allows the user to block any HTTP requests on any specific URL filter made by the user.

3.    Throttle Response

LT Debug tool also gives users the feature of throttle response, with the help of this feature the user can efficiently perform or do network throttling which allows the user to control network speed for every network request.

This feature also allows the user to choose the URL of his/her own choice and allows them to reduce its speed or function at any speed.

This feature also allows the user to check the website performance based on the network speed available in that geographical area.

4.    Add or Remove Query Param

This feature of the LT Debug tool allows the user to easily change or modify the URL query parameters.

URL parameter’s function is to read and organize the key, along with the value pairs that are available on the particular webpage.


5.    Change User Agent

This is one of the other most remarkable features of the LT Debug tool, this feature allows the user to switch between various user agent strings. It allows the user to simulate, imitate, and spoof different browsers, devices and search engine spiders.

6.    Insert Script (CSS/JS)

This feature of the LT Debug allows the user to simulate the web page experience the moment the user injects CSS or JS script on its own in the console.

7.    Allow CORS

This feature allows the user to perform cross-domain Ajax requests on website and also in web apps, to use this feature all the user needs to do is to add the Access control allow origin to its response header, and it’s done.

8.    Content Security Policy

This feature of LT Debug tool allows the user to remove the content security policy of header on any website or web page of the user’s choice.

9.    Redirect Requests

LT Debug tool comes with one of the features which allows the user to redirect all the request when the user wants to configure a URL to redirect them to their preferred web URL.


So, these are a few of the best debugging tools in 2022. The debugging experience on remote and local can become much easier with the above-mentioned tools.

In our opinion, LT Debug is a best tool in the market which gives you an excellent debugging experience. Debugging is no longer a hustle for testers and developers with lT Debug at your expense to fast track your work.

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