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Best PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Guide (Works on All Android Devices)

by Marketgit Team
Best Sensitivity Setting in PUBG (Work on All Android Devices)

While playing PUBG, sensitivity is the main cause as most of the players face this issue. We all know that sensitivity in the PUBG Mobile game plays a vital role so good settings will lead you to good and quick results like overcoming recoil control, targeting control, and headshot control in a faultless way – Best PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Guide

The PUBG player plays the game to achieve the titles and higher ranking by completing missions. So only a good player can obtain these goals by having suitable sensitivity controls in PUBG that would lead him to the top.

To set up the sensitivity, players select the training room and check their skills by setting up the sensitivity.

Best Sensitivity Setting in PUBG for Android devices in 2021:

Camera Sensitivity

The camera sensitivity has a major role in PUBG for movements as it shows that how the camera shows the results as the player moves.

Camera Sensitivity in PUBG

Here is the setting that will absolutely help to control the recoil of weapons in PUBG mobile:

  • No range: 140%
  • Red dot, holographic, aim assist: 70%
  • 2x Range: 45%
  • 3x range: 32%
  • 4x ACOG, VSS range: 30%
  • 6x Range: 20%
  • 8x range: 15%

ADS (AIM Down Sight) Sensitivity

ADS is commonly known as Aim Down Sight. This is a way when the player selects an aim button that starts shooting the weapon in the player’s face and allows them to aim at getting a precise view of the range attached to the weapon or the attached reticle found in the gun itself.

ADS (AIM Down Sight) Sensitivity in PUBG

Here I have mentioned the best sensitivity settings to reduce weapon recoil in PUBG Mobile:

  • No range: 150%
  • Red dot, holographic, aim assist: 75%
  • 2x Range: 44%
  • 3x Range: 30%
  • 4x ACOG, VSS range: 30%
  • 6x range: 18%
  • 8x range: 15%

Gyroscope sensitivity

Most of the players love to play with Gyro type but they do not know that how to set gyroscope sensitivity in PUBG. Gyroscope sensitivity is actually is the device’s movement of the player as he moves the camera around the game. You may also try the best VPN for PUBG to speed up your game.

When the PUBG player changes the gyroscope sensitivity in PUBG Mobile, the speed at which the game tracks movements to adjust the screen direction is determined.

Gyroscope sensitivity in PUBG

Here is the best gyroscope sensitivity setting in PUBG:

  • No range: 200%
  • Red dot, holographic, aim assist: 200%
  • 2x Range: 150%
  • 3x range: 145%
  • 4x ACOG, VSS range: 130%
  • 6x range: 105%
  • 8x range: 90%

After setting up all these things to control the sensitivity setting in PUBG mobile, then try with this setting in the training room and you will find good results.

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