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Breast surgeons in Singapore-where to find them?

by Uneeb Khan

Breast cancer has consistently accounted for the greatest number of deaths among all cancers diagnosed in women. It accounts for one in three cancers in women.

After you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the next step suggested is to see a breast surgeon. It is hard to tell where to find a breast doctor’s suggestion, but here is one of the best and extremely competent surgeons, consult him for any breast cancer-related queries.

I’ll share your factors to consider when looking for a breast surgeon in Singapore in this blog post. Moreover, know where to find a breast surgeon that is in a public or private hospital.

Factors to consider when choosing a breast surgeon in Singapore

Whether you are looking for a female breast surgeon to remove cancer cells from breast tissues or it is about breast conservation, here are factors to consider knowing you are receiving services from a high-quality breast surgeon in Singapore.

It is imperative to get breast surgery from a skilled surgeon as there are risks associated with breast surgery.   More so, when you get to receive the surgery from a surgeon you trust, you are confident the surgery will go well. 

Therefore whenever you are looking for a breast surgeon in Singapore, here are factors to consider and get services from a qualified and skilled surgeon.

Review surgeon Credentials

Look for a surgeon who is certified by the relevant Board of Surgery. To earn this certificate, a board-certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon must undergo rigorous training, testing, and experience.

Inquire about the surgeon’s previous experience.

Find out how many breast augmentations a surgeon has performed. You want a surgeon who performs this procedure frequently. To achieve your surgical goals, your surgeon will need to select the best shape of implants for your physique. With practice, surgeons normally get better at this.

Check for surgeon Complaints.

Search for disciplinary actions taken towards the surgeon you’re considering on sites like Healthgrades.com. You can also find out a surgeon’s medical license status.

Be specific about the type of breast surgeon you are looking for

If you’re planning a speciality operation like minimally invasive surgery or oncoplastic breast surgery, you’ll need to narrow your search for a specialist or breast surgeon singapore.

Research the Facility

Check to see if the surgeon’s surgery centre is accredited. In most cases, this is the case with hospitals. Some office-based surgical suites are not accredited.

Talk to Other Patients about the surgeon.

Get recommendations from possible surgeons. Also, get advice from friends or families who have undergone the procedure. Were they happy with the results? What did people like and dislike about it? Is the surgeon’s “bedside manner” a concern? Hearing firsthand descriptions of other people’s experiences is beneficial.

Make the Most of Your Consultation Appointment

Cut down the number of surgeons on your list. Then, make appointments for consultations. This is the time to put your research to the test and make sure the surgeon you’ve chosen is someone you can trust to do your procedure. The surgeon should completely explain all aspects of the operation and answer all of your questions during the consultation.

Consider doctor’s transparency ability.

It’s critical that your doctor be honest about the operations that they can perform. They should not hide choices that they cannot perform and instead encourage you to use the methods they provide.

Where to find Breast surgeons in Singapore

When looking for a female breast surgeon singapore, you can find them in a public or private hospital. There are competent and highly skilled breast surgeons at both facilities, but there are differences in how they conduct their services.

Here I’ll share with you the difference between public and private breast surgeons. These differences will assist you in choosing where to go out looking for a surgeon next time you need breast surgeon services. 

Differences between the public and private breast surgeon

Time and convenience

You can move things along more quickly in private practice. As a result, you’ll receive tailored treatment from an expert surgeon of your choosing, as well as considerably faster scheduling of imaging, procedures, and surgery.

Private clinics in Singapore can schedule you for an appointment or accept walk-ins within a few days of your call. A public hospital, on the other hand, can have a two- or three-week wait time.

The urgency of the case determines the timing of follow-up appointments. Scheduling early follow-ups in a crowded public hospital can be difficult.

Moreover, in private institutions, turnaround times for test results and other items are typically substantially faster. For example, in private clinics, it is common to receive histology results in three days or less. In public hospitals, however, it might take up to two weeks.

Overall patient experience

If you are a subsidized patient attending a breast surgeon in a Singapore public hospital, you will not be able to choose the doctor you want to see. Your follow-up appointments will almost certainly be with new doctors, many of whom are junior.

When you go to a private breast surgeon in Singapore, you have the option of choosing which surgeon you want to see. Likewise, you will see the same breast surgeon for your subsequent clinic visits.

That allows the surgeon to give the patient a more “personalized” experience. They have a more thorough understanding of the patient’s condition.

Each patient may be given up to an hour of attention. Depending on the patient’s needs, the clinic has the flexibility to extend or shorten the period.

Additionally, consultations in private practice take place in a more private environment. The waiting area is more private, and appointments are spaced out so that there aren’t many patients waiting at the same time.


An initial appointment with a private breast surgeon in Singapore normally costs between $120 and $200. If medicine or screening is required, your ultimate bill will normally increase by $150 to $400.

Cancer’s stage determines the treatment options for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The majority of them will almost certainly require surgery.

The following is an estimate of the costs of the two most common breast operations performed in Singapore. This is a reflection of the pricing disparity. There are, however, a slew of other procedures associated with breast operations.

Are all breast surgeons treating cancer in Singapore the same?

Breast surgery is a specialization that a surgeon can study after obtaining specialist board certification. Theoretically, all doctors who are certified as breast surgeons can care for and manage patients with the majority of breast problems. Each breast surgeon may have a unique area of interest and experience when it comes to certain procedures.

Special breast biopsy procedures, breast cancer care, surgical excision of breast tumours, breast conservation surgery, and so on are all included.

Most breast surgeons in Singapore are General Surgeons, with only a few (very few; there are only three of us today) being Plastic Surgeons.

Plastic surgeons who would like to be considered for breast cancer surgery must work in a setting where they see breast cancer patients regularly rather than in a typical plastic surgery practice. It’s why only a few plastic surgeons specialize in breast cancer surgery.

Nevertheless, since they’re not limited in either resection or reconstruction talents, these plastic surgeons with a special focus on breasts have a highly full and unique skill set.

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