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Can I Obtain Life Insurance While Being Unemployed?

by Victor

Getting life insurance involves considering factors like your health, family history, and even your job and financial situation. Being unemployed might affect your life insurance application because you may not have a steady income to pay the premiums. Insurance companies could reject or delay your application. However, some insurers are more flexible, and being unemployed for a short time may not be a big issue. In this post, let’s discuss how unemployment affects life insurance and how to increase the chances of getting approved when unemployed.

How Does Employment Impact Life Insurance?

When it comes to getting life insurance, your risk level is very important. As your level of risk increases, so does the cost of your premiums.

Almost all insurance companies want you to be able to pay your premiums for the long term and without a lapse. When you’re unemployed, it affects your finances, so you seem riskier to insurers than someone who has a job.

Is It Possible To Obtain Life Insurance While Being Unemployed?

Well, it depends. Life insurance policies will not automatically reject you if you don’t have a job. Although it’s one of many factors an insurer will consider when reviewing your application, it’s not the only one.

Your insurer may scrutinize your application more thoroughly, taking into account your specific circumstances, compared to someone who is employed. So if you’re unemployed and applying for life insurance, be prepared for a longer process and more questions than if you were working.

The Factors That Affect Unemployment Life Insurance

There are two types of life insurance: term plan and whole plan. There’s less premium with term life insurance. Hence, this type of insurance is easy to get for unemployed people. However, before approving insurance, the insurance company will consider these factors:

Unemployment Period

You can get life insurance if you have been laid off for a short time. Additionally, if you have steadily worked in the past and plan to do so again soon, your application will be more likely to be approved. Also, insurance is more likely to be approved if you work in a field with many job opportunities.

Assets Of The Insured

An insurance company will check your financial status before issuing life insurance. This is to ensure that you can pay the premiums consistently. If an unemployed person has a steady income and a reasonable savings account, the company will immediately approve their application.

Insurance for Stay at Home Parents

Stay-at-home parents are considered to be working by insurance companies and can obtain coverage. Because stay-at-home parents who take care of their children indirectly support their working spouse, they are of tremendous value. However, the earning potential and coverage of the working partner will be considered when determining the insurance coverage amount.

How To Increase The Chances Of Insurance Approval When Unemployed?

If you are unemployed and seeking life insurance, there are several steps you can take to improve your chances of approval. Such as:

Check Out A Few Insurance Companies

It’s a good idea for unemployed people to shop around to find the best insurance company since not all will approve their applications right away.

Prove You Are Capable Of Paying Premiums

It’s important for insurance seekers to prove their capability to pay premiums even if they’re unemployed. Savings from your bank, proof that you don’t have any debt, and asset status could help.

Apply For A Lower Sum Insured

Unemployed people should look for policies with a lower sum assured. The insurance coverage is determined by the premiums paid, and the insurer might worry about the insured’s credibility. The approval process will be easier if you apply for lower amounts. 

What Is The Recommended Amount Of Life Insurance Coverage For An Unemployed Person?

Two factors are generally considered when determining how much life insurance coverage you need: your income and the long-term needs of your dependents. Your coverage needs are usually determined by your financial contributions to the household, your assets, and the expenses your dependents will have to cover.

It might sound complicated to determine your insurance needs. However, an online life insurance calculator can assist you in calculating it based on factors like age, family structure, and debt. For an accurate estimate, list a recent salary if you are currently unemployed. Also, consider whether your loved ones would require enough money to pay off debts (including mortgages) or pay for college and how that might affect your life insurance coverage.

It’s common to see life insurance “rules of thumb” that suggest coverage between 5 and 10 times your annual salary. This kind of estimate can be a good starting point, but a life insurance calculator can give you a more precise estimate.

Moreover, you shouldn’t buy too much coverage if your income is temporarily reduced. If your career gets back on track, too much life insurance can cause more harm than good. The more life insurance you buy, the higher the premiums you’ll pay – and that’s not the best use of your precious money. Instead, invest that extra money, or put it into an emergency fund.


It’s true that being unemployed can affect your life insurance application, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get it. When reviewing applications, insurance companies consider a lot of things, including employment. However, your insurer may be more flexible if you’ve got a strong employment history.

It is also important to shop around and compare different insurance companies to get life insurance easier while unemployed. Demonstrate your ability to pay premiums and financial stability, consider policies with lower coverage amounts, and explore options like Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited, which has policies for unemployed individuals. 

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