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Sailing Croatia’s sparkling waters is a sailor’s paradise, boasting thousands of stunning islands and coastline. Cruising on a Catamaran charter is an incredible way to witness Croatia’s beauty!

Spend your morning touring Split’s famous Diocletian Palace (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), before docking and embarking on an island adventure! Take in Croatia’s gorgeous beaches before departing on an expedition along its picturesque trails and hidden coves.


Catamarans are more stable and provide an effortless sailing experience compared to monohull sailboats, making them the ideal choice for Croatia yacht chartering with family or friends. Explore Croatia’s stunning coastline and islands at your own pace while taking in spectacular sights from your private cabin or on deck; plus there are numerous windows and ample space onboard which makes a catamaran an excellent luxury vacation option in Croatia!

Catamaran Charter Croatia features a shallow draft and shallow anchor draft, making them easier to anchor closer to shore than traditional sailboats, making accessing hidden coves and lagoons along the Croatian coastline and islands easier than with regular sailing vessels. Catamarans also allow more freedom when sailing in windy conditions allowing more exploration of Croatia’s coastline.

A catamaran’s spacious design makes it the ideal vessel for charter with family or friends, with comfortable sleeping cabins, an expansive cockpit area, and versatile living areas that accommodate everyone on board. Each cabin is fitted with an en suite bathroom for optimal comfort during sailing vacation.

Catamaran boats’ stability allows them to avoid tipping over, unlike monohull boats. This is thanks to their larger surface area which provides more buoyancy. Furthermore, catamaran keels feature unique designs which enable it to remain upright even in rough waters.

Catamaran charters offer another advantage over other types of sailboats by accommodating more guests at once, which makes it an excellent way to share an amazing sailing experience in Croatia with family or friends. A Catamaran can create lasting memories among friends.

Price for Catamaran Charters vary according to several factors, such as type and duration. Prices typically range from $2,600 – $24,600 per week with factors like guest count, duration, and season being major factors in pricing decisions. It’s essential that you carefully examine every catamaran charter pricing detail to ensure that you are getting maximum value from your money spent on chartering one!


Catamarans offer travelers looking for luxurious travel an ideal experience. Their spacious cabins and living spaces make them the ideal option for families or groups of friends. Furthermore, catamarans feature ample outdoor space perfect for sunbathing and relaxing – some boats even accommodate up to 14 passengers at one time! Additionally, these boats can travel more quickly through the water than monohull boats making them a fantastic way to discover Croatia’s picturesque beaches and clear waters.

For beginners looking to start sailing, renting a catamaran with a skipper is an ideal way to enjoy an effortless yacht charter in Croatia. Your skipper can handle all aspects of navigation and safety so you can simply sit back, relax, and take in all that Croatia offers you!

Finding the ideal yacht for your vacation can be challenging, but with our experienced team’s assistance it can be easy. We take into account your preferences, services you require and budget when matching you up with a yacht in Croatia that will ensure a relaxing vacation experience.

With our wide array of luxury yachts, we can help you explore some of Croatia’s most breathtaking spots. Each yacht comes equipped with everything necessary for a luxurious and comfortable stay – air conditioning, WiFi access, TV and DVD players, fully-stocked kitchen, etc. Additionally, we can arrange any additional services or activities such as diving, fishing or snorkeling during your cruise with us.

Our yachts are fully licensed and insured, and all our captains and crew have extensive sailing experience in Croatia. Additionally, we’re dedicated to offering exceptional levels of service in order to make your vacation as stress-free and enjoyable as possible – whether that means romantic escapes for two or thrilling adventure with friends! Whatever you’re searching for – romantic vacation or family adventures alike – our fleet of luxury catamarans has something perfect! Get in touch with us now so that we can start planning your luxury catamaran charter in Croatia!


Catamarans offer great flexibility when it comes to planning a sailing holiday. You can rent them for short durations like one or two days, weekends, or longer stays; their price will depend on both duration and the number of people staying aboard.

After factoring the cost of renting the boat, other expenses to consider include food and beverages, mooring fees and transportation expenses. Many companies provide a list of included items which allows you to compare prices between options; for instance a catamaran charter with captain may include their fees as well as fuel for the journey; other factors which impact this price are size and type of vessel chosen plus amenities desired for inclusion in your charter trip.

Many people opt to hire a private skipper when renting a catamaran for their sailing holiday, allowing them to relax and simply enjoy the scenery without worrying about navigation or safety issues. A skipper also brings local knowledge, enhancing your experience on a Croatia yacht charter as well as providing safety guidance and suggesting great routes for you trip.

Yacht charters offer an ideal way to discover Croatia’s stunning beaches and historic towns, but it is essential to remember that your itinerary may change due to weather and sea conditions. In order to maximize your time onboard, plan your route ahead of time while becoming familiar with basic sailing etiquette.

If you’re planning a yacht cruise along the Adriatic coast, make sure that you make a reservation well in advance to secure the best cabins and avoid disappointments. And don’t forget tipping the crew when booking crewed yacht charter!

Planning a Mediterranean sailing voyage gives you the option of choosing either a one-way or round-trip charter. A one-way itinerary could take you from Korcula, home to Marco Polo himself, all the way to Trstenik – Croatia’s premier wine region – saving time while experiencing more destinations along the way.


Catamarans are an ideal yacht charter choice in Croatia due to their spaciousness and stability. Catamarans provide more comfortable sailing than monohull sailing yachts on even choppy waters, making them the ideal choice for families with children as well as those prone to seasickness. Plus they boast ample lounging areas as well as a stylish saloon that takes advantage of natural lighting!

If you’re searching for a catamaran charter in Croatia, there are a variety of options to choose from. Options range from crewed catamaran charters with skipper or bareboat catamaran rentals; both options require experienced sailors with valid Royal Yachting Association certificates or American Sailing Association 104 Bareboat Cruising Certificates as these require more work onboard the vessel and tend to cost more. It should also be noted that skippered catamaran charters tend to be cheaper.

Budget should always be taken into consideration when choosing a yacht charter in Croatia. Prices can differ depending on the type of boat and duration of your trip; additionally, accommodation and meals onboard the yacht should also be factored into your decision. Booking early may help bring down overall costs; many companies provide discounted pricing during off-season, so do your research first to secure availability before making your vacation booking decision.

Find your ideal Catamaran charter Croatia with SkipperCity. By connecting directly to local boat owners, this will guarantee a safe and hassle-free yacht rental. Explore the Adriatic coast to discover its hidden coves, majestic waterfalls, and ancient city walls – your sailing adventure awaits you!

Catamaran charters offer the ideal way to explore Croatia’s stunning islands. Boasting idyllic beaches, crystal-clear water and abundant wildlife, sailing on one will guarantee an unforgettable vacation experience – no matter if it is during peak summer season or the quieter shoulder seasons. Your Croatian catamaran charter will create lasting memories.

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