CIMSA BEM FK Unand Removes Alleged Perpetrators of Sexual Harassment at Andalas University from Membership

by Victor
Female figurine trying to stop the domino effect. Harassment concept.

Center for Indonesian Medical Students’ Activities (CIMSA) Student Executive Board (BEM) Faculty of Medicine (FK) Andalas University (Unand) and slot gacor officially expelled the alleged perpetrator of sexual harassment at Andalas University from membership.

Through the CIMSA BEM FK Unand twitter account, @cimsaunand, CIMSA expressed its position on the alleged incident of sexual harassment committed by one of its members on the Unand campus.

CIMSA BEM FK Unand said it opposed and strongly rejected sexual harassment in any form. This harassment is contrary to what has been agreed upon by all members of the CIMSA BEM FK Unand as stated in the KM FK Unand Law No. 02 of 2020 Concerning Morality.

CIMSA also supports all efforts and prevention of acts of sexual violence. It is also committed to providing a safe space for victims of sexual harassment both inside and outside the organization.

CIMSA also removed the perpetrator’s membership from the organization for alleged harassment in accordance with the CIMSA Bylaws (AD-ART) CIMSA BEM FK Unand Post Working Assembly 2022 Articles 2.1.3, 5.1.4, and 5.2.1.

CIMSA BEM FK Unand is also ready to oversee the process of the alleged harassment case until later this case is handled by the authorities.

For information, there has been a viral suspicion that the harassment was committed by two Unand students who were in a romantic relationship and carried out acts of harassment together.

The suspected female perpetrator (NZ) and the suspected male perpetrator (HJ) committed acts of harassment by undressing the victim—his own friend—then taking pictures or videos of the victim’s body parts and then sending them to each other via private chat.

The suspect NZ carried out his action by staying at his friend’s boarding house on the grounds that he could not return to his boarding house because it was too late and the boarding house was locked.

Sometimes, it is suspected that NZ also wants to stay at his friend’s boarding house under the pretext of wanting to vent about his love affair with HJ.

Furthermore, the NZ suspect admitted that the reason for the harassment was because his lover HJ asked for it as a form of satisfying his lust. This recognition was found after the evidence of NZ and HJ chat, slot88 HJ often persuaded NZ to do this.

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