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Cutting with Water: Accuracy and Efficiency in Manufacturing

by Marketgit Team

The Composition of Water Jet Cutting Machine and the Factors Affecting Work EfficiencyAs an advanced cutting equipment, the water jet cutting machine has a wide range of applications in the industrial field. A complete set of water jet cutting machines usually consists of five main parts: the first is the high-pressure system, which is the key to generating high-pressure water flow and provides strong power support for cutting; the second is the cutting platform, which bears the material to be cut and provides a stable foundation for the cutting operation; the third is the control system, just like the intelligent center of the equipment, accurately regulating various parameters of the entire cutting process; the fourth is the cooling system, which effectively reduces the temperature during the operation of the equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment. The cooling system includes air-cooling system and water-cooling system, and it is necessary to reasonably choose the equipment with high or low cooling intensity according to different usage temperature environments to adapt to the specific working condition requirements; the fifth is the sand supply system, which plays an important role when abrasive water jet cutting is required to ensure the smooth supply of abrasives. The sand we use is generally 80-mesh garnet sand, which has good cutting performance and stability.
In terms of the high-pressure system, its pressure and stability play a crucial decisive role in the strength and continuity of water jet cutting. Our company has established a long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship with Hypertherm in the United States, imported the supercharger assembly from their company, and also obtained strong technical support from their professional team. Because of this, our high-pressure equipment shows excellent stability at work, and its pressure can be accurately controlled within the range of 380 MPa to 420 MPa, which makes our equipment extremely efficient and performs extremely well.
Among many factors, the following configurations have a significant impact on the working efficiency of the water jet cutting machine: Usually, the greater the pressure, flow rate, and sand amount of the high-pressure pump, the higher the cutting efficiency will be. The intelligent degree and response speed of the control system are also extremely critical. It can quickly and accurately adjust relevant parameters according to different situations to make the cutting process more efficient and smooth. The stability of the sand supply and the quality of the sand grains in the sand supply system will also have a greater impact on the work efficiency. Stable sand supply can ensure the continuity of cutting, and high-quality garnet sand helps to improve the cutting effect and speed.
In conclusion, deeply understanding the components of the water jet cutting machine and the important factors affecting work efficiency is of great significance for giving full play to the performance of the equipment and improving production efficiency. In practical applications, reasonable selection and optimization of equipment configuration should be carried out according to specific needs to achieve the best cutting effect and work efficiency. In the continuous exploration and innovation, the water jet cutting machine will bring more possibilities and opportunities to industrial production.

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