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Designity, a tech-enabled collaborative creative platform, is introducing unique and innovative methods that enable creatives and businesses to collaborate more effectively. This collaborative approach has convinced both small and large companies, including Calendly, Kung Fu Tea, and Marriott Hotels, to use Designity for their design and marketing efforts instead of traditional, costly, and inefficient alternatives.

Designity is transforming the creative design services industry, moving away from outdated and ineffective marketing and design methods. Companies typically hire in-house designers, which is costly, time-consuming, skill-limiting, and requires substantial supervision. Working with traditional design and marketing agencies offers an alternative but at a high cost. Marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr claim to offer a more affordable solution, but their model lacks reliability and optimization for creative services, causing frustration for businesses.

Founded in 2017 in New York City, Designity emerged from the personal frustration of Shahrouz Varshabi, an immigrant entrepreneur from Iran. Initially, it aimed to support the new generation of creatives fresh out of college by connecting them with businesses to gain real-world experience. Today, it disrupts traditional creative agencies by maintaining its original vision to mentor emerging creatives and empower creative collaboration, while also offering new levels of visibility and platform-powered efficiency to clients.

When clients begin working with Designity, they connect with a personality-matched Creative Director (CD) as their primary point of contact. The CD collaborates with an interchangeable team of creatives to support businesses with any design and marketing needs. The CD’s responsibilities include discussing the client’s objectives, presenting strategic ideas for growth, creating project briefs and actionable timelines, assigning the right creatives from a vetted pool, and managing them to ensure a hassle-free and high-quality outcome. This model results in a 10x faster turnaround than traditional creative agencies and 65% lower cost than in-house creative teams. The combination of tech-enabled platform automation, heavily vetted US-based creatives, and a visionary CD result in a singular experience for clients which opens up new avenues for growth.

Designity has individually vetted and categorized thousands of US-based creatives since its inception, leading to a creative community composed of the top 3% of US-based creatives. With unique technology and a proprietary system, this tool enables its vetted creative community to collaborate with businesses, delivering over 20,000 high-quality design and marketing projects across 100 different categories.

The online platform applies a rigorous vetting process to vet and categorize creatives, from emerging to senior and pro levels. All creatives must complete a design challenge to earn their Designity status, ensuring that only the best are onboarded.

Designity’s transparent and collaborative model stands out among platforms where freelance creatives can work. Varshabi asserts that it is the only one structured to empower creatives, allowing them to grow based on their performance and collected reviews within the platform. The members appreciate the opportunity to work on such a collaborative platform where they can work remotely, have a steady income without needing to find clients and receive direction and support from creative directors.

“From starting out as a poor taxi driver in Iran to moving to New York City and founding a tech platform with no funding and connections, I want to remind the world that it is possible to transition from carrying passengers in an old car to building a platform providing opportunities to the world’s creatives. I also aim to create opportunities for creatives that I did not have,” says Varshabi.

Varshabi states that he is working diligently to position Designity as a Web 3.0 and NFT-enabled platform, with an ultimate goal to expand it to a global market. His ambition is for this tool to become the leading collaborative platform for creatives and businesses across the world, empowering creatives to beautify the world and helping businesses create the next generation of products and services

Designity’s innovative approach is revolutionizing the creative industry by blending technology with a human touch. As businesses continually evolve and adapt to changes in the digital landscape, digital services play a pivotal role. It has made it possible for businesses to have access to affordable, faster, and high-quality design services. This balance fosters win-win situations for creatives and businesses alike on the Designity platform.

Designity is a subscription-based collaborative creative platform that offers businesses high-quality, cost-effective, and more efficient design solutions through a unique model. We do this by providing access to top-tier US-based creatives, and a dedicated Creative Director to collaborate with clients on our tech-enabled platform.

Boasting over 100 design and marketing categories, unlimited project requests, and revisions, Designity delivers a flexible and scalable creative solution for businesses of all sizes. Our mission is not only to offer top-notch services to businesses but also to empower the creative community.

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