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Diamond drawing dies: 3 things to consider

by Victor

Perhaps, you are interested to buy Wire Drawing Dies for your business. But then, you need to select the best product available in the market. Rushing to buy the dies will only mean getting something that might have some defects. Hence, do your homework thoroughly. Do select an appropriate drawing die line that will serve your business purpose. However, with some tips from the industry experts, you can make the purchase efficiently.

Price factor

Price factor

When price of natural dies for drawing wire is concerned, they are quite expensive. But they are very much worth the investment. Firstly, such products are found to be more complex. Hence, they need more processing time. Besides this, they come with very high hardness level. Besides this, it can be utilised in materials having a smaller diameter. These products are termed to be wear resistant.

The other thing to consider is the carbide mold having relatively lower hardness. Its surface is somewhat rough while having lower strength. Hence, this is not suggested by the industry experts. Rather, you need to seek something which has the capability to withstand time and is strong enough to provide the desired results.

Diamond dies

You may consider shopping for diamond drawing dies as they are quite strong and durable. A low strength diamond die will not suit for a longer time period. Hence, it becomes essential to take into consideration the product’s material quality before making such purchases. Level of hardness is considered to be a main components affecting unit strength.

Wear is likely to be much lower under normal circumstances if drawing die component is harder. Besides this, wear resistance can be found to be related to the carbide quality, shape, size and type.

Things you should consider before making the purchase of diamond die

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  • Hardness: Diamond dies, in most conditions will work efficiently if made of superior quality. In case it has brittle die components, then that product cannot be used for a longer time. Hence, the diamond die selected should be sturdy and strong.
  • Carbon content, web condition and grain size: In case, drawing die grain size and carbon content web is of poor quality, then after several weeks or perhaps months, it might develop fatigue fracture. Hence, the unit purchased should be strong enough to last for several years and work efficiently at a stretch. Do consider Natural Diamond Drawing Die carbon content, toughness, hardness and strength level.
  • Heat/Cold fatigue resistance: The die you plan to buy should come with cold/heat fatigue resistance. Without extreme temperature resistance, there are chances of it developing surface cracks very soon.

What should you do?

Therefore, to make the right choice when buying nd dies or diamond dies, you need to keep in mind the above three factors. This way, you can select the very best products and leave out the poor quality ones. It ensures that you can use the die for a very long time without having to replace it repeatedly.

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