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Different types of Basketball Equipment

by Uneeb Khan

Want to try your hands on basketball? Great! But before you pump up your boots and get ready for this fast-paced game, don’t forget to buy the top-notch quality basketball equipment online. This is a quite popular game which is played worldwide. You need to have two teams with five players in each for playing basketball, and this game is played with one single ball. The aim of each player is to shoot the maximum number of baskets in the hoop and win the game. However, if you have a hoop and a basketball, you can play this game indoors and outdoors.

If you are starting and want to learn a few tricks of this game, then necessities will suffice your needs, but if you are a professional basketball player, you may need most of the equipment to practice. So before you get started, double-check the list of right equipment one requires to make great shots.

The ball

Basketballs are made up of synthetic materials such as polyester, rubber, and nylon combined with leather. For men’s games, the official basketball size is 29 to 30 inches, whereas, for women, it is 28.5 inches. Basketballs usually weigh 18 to 22 ounces, depending on the material used. Plus, when bounced off from the floor, a well-inflated ball should bounce 49 to 54 inches in height.

The hoop

Playing basketball at its core requires only two things: a basketball and a hoop. Hoop is one of the most integral parts of this game because you need a hoop to make a basket. You can think about it as a basket mounted to a railing. However, the modern-time hoopA98s consist of a net dangling from a metal rim further connected to a backboard. This backboard is attached to another surface to keep the hoop 10 feet above the ground.

The backboard and rim

As discussed above, the backboard is the flat surface with which the basketball rim and hoop is attached. It is 6 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall (standard measurements). Backboards are made of transparent glass; however, a wooden or metal backboard also works well. Coming to the rim, it is a metal circle through which the ball is needed to score a point. A net is attached to the rim and can be seen dangling from it, thus creating the basketball hoop.

The shooting aids

Every player needs to have a smooth, accurate jump shot for winning the game and for this one requires the right ‘Shooting aids’. Shooting aids are basketball equipment designed to help players of all ages and skill levels learn the proper method to take a shot and improve accuracy and power. These aids include finger spacers, shooting hand straps, off-hand straps, etc. All of these are designed to address the specific problems of players.

The shoes

You cannot underestimate the importance of wearing basketball shoes during a game. Ankle strains, sprains, and other leg injuries are very common in this game. And these injuries can be avoided only when your feet are protected not only by supportive shoe inserts but also by specialized shoes. Basketball shoes are specifically designed to maintain high traction on the basketball court and provide extra comfort during the game.

Apart from these things mentioned above, you will find several other basketball equipment online like a basketball jersey, knee pads, training kit, storage, post pads, coaches boards, and so forth. Though you can play basketball even without these gears, it is essential to stay safe during a game and avoid possible injuries. And the only way to ensure that is get yourself equipped with the right kind of basketball equipment.

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