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Dumpor: Download Instagram Videos Anonymously

by Marketgit Team

Dumpor is a tool that allows you to download Instagram stories and images anonymously. Find anyone by username or hashtag, without showing your identity. Life is very busy and no one has enough time to open Instagram first, locate the stories, and download them by using any other platform.

So if you are looking for a website that gives easy access to download any Instagram reel, videos, stories, and images without logging in, then you are at the right place.

I recommend you to read the article to the bottom to access all the features of Dumper.

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a free tool that offers to download Instagram videos, stories, posts, and images without logging in to the Instagram account. It allows users to download Instagram stories anonymously. It means that you don’t have to sign in to your Instagram account.

Initially, the username of any user is required that you want to view his/her profile. Once you enter the username of anyone, you can view and download what you want.

However, it is obvious that any other platform that is developed to download Instagram stories will acquire you a username, password, emails, or any other personal information.

And this is the reason that no one wants to share his personal information on these kinds of platforms to just download the Instagram videos.

 So Dumpor Instagram acknowledged the problem and developed its website so that you can easily view and download Instagram stories just by entering the username of anyone.

How does it work?

Well, the Dumpor developers used an advanced algorithm and made it easy to use by professionals and non-professionals. Let’s see how does it work:

First, open the website https://bumpor.com, you can open the site on a mobile browser or laptop. It’s up to you. The homepage clearly shows what you want to search for. So type any Instagram profile, location, or tag and press the search button.

How does Dumpor work?
How does it work?

After that, a list of Instagram profiles will appear on the screen with relevant content.

Now, scroll down and click on any profile account to explore that profile. Once you clicked, all the activity of that specific account like Posts, Reels, Followers, Following, and Tagged Posts will appear in a second.

Hence, click on any post or reel, and the Download button will appear on the right side just beneath the video. It means that your video is just 1 click far to be downloaded.

Download Instagram Videos by Dumpor

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How to download videos directly from Instagram?

If you really know someone’s profile URL or you are visiting Instagram and suddenly you love some video and want to download it to your phone gallery, then what will you do?

So you don’t need to go away to search different queries on the search bar that how to download Instagram videos or something like that.

Dumpor allows downloading of Instagram videos or stories directly from Instagram.

Step 1: Click on Download from Instagram link on the top-right corner of the homepage.

Step 2: Paste the URL of the Instagram story of the video and press Process

Step 3: Now, select an image or video and press the Download button. And your image or video will be downloaded.

download videos directly from Instagram
Download videos directly from Instagram

How to remove your profile from Dumpor?

Some people don’t want to share their activities and don’t allow any anonymous to view their stories or download their videos. So as I discussed earlier that the it keeps the user’s privacy safe so it allows the user to hide his profile from accessing it. Just follow the steps below:

 Scroll down the page and click on Remove Profile or paste this link https://dumpor.com/page/remove to the search bar.

Now fill up the form by entering your email, Instagram profile URL, and a small text message.

Press Submit button and you have done!

How to remove your profile from Dumpor
How to remove your profile?

The purpose of sending a text message along with a form is to describe why you are going to hide your profile. Once you submit the form, it takes a few days to hide your profile.


In the United States, millions of users are being served by Dumpor services and they enjoy downloading Instagram reels within a few simple steps. That’s why the it has gained much popularity because of its services and features.

Features of Dumpor

Download content: To download any video or image is having been a challenging task. Its main reason is pop-ups and unnecessary advertisements. But Dumpor com doesn’t have such kind of itching acts. The process is simple. Just paste the URL of any real image and download it. No pop-up ads or other advertisements within the downloading bar will occur.    

Browse anonymously: It keeps the user’s privacy and allows all users to browse any Instagram account. You don’t need to log in or create any type of account to view stories, posts, and videos. Just open dumper.com and start viewing the profiles.

Search anything: For an instant, if you don’t know the specific username of any account or want to check the famous trends in the world, just enter the tag or location, and tons of relevant hashtags, profiles, and trends will appear in a while.

Analyzing the content: By the way, if you are not aware of top trends then Instagram Dumpor provides a list of popular hashtags and trending stories at the bottom of the page.

Offering the service multi-language: Not everyone can read or interact with the English language. That’s the main reason why many platforms become fail. But this platform considered it his first duty and offered the platform in 40+ languages. It means that the website is offering its services in your native language.


Instagram has been a lot of fun in past few years. The people upload their stories, posts, and videos. People spend a lot of time just to search a Dumpor alternative tool through which they can view or download Instagram reels. I will recommend the users to use its website. It saves a lot of time and even allows you to download Instagram videos with just one click.


How to download videos directly from Instagram by Dumpor?

Open Dumpor.com and click the Download from an Instagram button on the top-right side of the home screen. Then, enter the Instagram story URL and press Submit. After this, click your desired video and press the Download button.

How to hide your profile from Dumpor?

It is simple, open the link “https://dumpor.com/page/remove” and enter your email, Instagram profile URL, and small mesaage. Press Submit button and your profile will be hidden in a few days.

How can I watch IG stories anonymously?

Now, you don’t need to log in by your Instagram account on Dumpor to watch IG stories. It allows you to view or download posts, stories, and videos anonymously without logging in.

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