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Ecommerce Mobile App Development – Best 8 Must-Have Features

by Victor

The ecommerce sector has seen considerable setbacks in recent years, particularly during the global pandemic. It has been stated that ecommerce stores account for 54% of all sales. Additionally, an increasing number of conventional enterprises are entering the online market as each day goes by.

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The e-commerce mobile application must have a few key features. Here is a quick rundown on the top 8 features that must be incorporated into the ecommerce mobile app. 

  1. Efficient Sign-up Procedure 

Customers are always interested in using those apps that only require a quick signup process. Therefore, the sign-up procedure for your e-commerce mobile app must be simple to use. Nobody wants to spend time filling out those lengthy registration forms that require several steps in order to register.

The best way to make the registration process hassle-free is by enabling social network connections within your apps, such as integrating Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

  • Make Use of Analytical Tools for Viability Testing 

One of the best methods to assess user behavior, your venture’s profitability, and how well your company is able to compete with rivals is by using analytical tools.

In terms of figuring out CTR (Click Through Rates), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), session time, and many other metrics, Google Analytics is unquestionably great. Additionally, it enables you to determine which of your visitors’ favorite goods or services is also the most popular. Other than that, these tools allow you to see the categories and areas in which your competitors are succeeding.

  • Categorize the Products/Services Section Rightfully 

Consider that your online stores offer a wide variety of goods and services. In that scenario, as the mobile screen is constrained and the user’s intent is also, it is crucial to optimize certain portions correctly. In order to prevent visitor distraction, the divisions must be organized.

Make an appropriate category section, a sub-category section, and so on if you want to display a number of categories. Include a feature that enables visitors to quickly search for any product, such as an advanced search filter.

  • Introduce Multiple Payment Channels 

Due to fewer payment options, most e-commerce apps are unsuccessful. Due to a lack of payment choices and a lengthy checkout process, it was found that 31% of visitors abandoned the app in between.

Visitors consistently spend money at establishments that give them a variety of possibilities for making purchases. Others prefer to pay the bill when it is delivered, while some prefer to use their credit or debit cards to make payments. Thus, a variety of payment choices should be a priority.

Incorporating several payment gateways is important, but you also need to make sure that the checkout procedure is simple. In the long run, keeping visitors on your site requires a variety of payment channel facilities.

  • Launch Push Notifications 

In order to attain customers in the long run, push notifications are another excellent strategy. In addition to that, push notifications help in boosting sales and leads, which ultimately improves traffic. Eventually, it improves the conversion rates, too. Develop an effective monetization plan that best addresses your audience and how you will make use of push notifications within your app. 

By providing deals, coupons, cash backs, and other incentives, you may entice customers with push alerts. Push alerts, all things considered, are a fantastic technique to drive incredible sales in a short span of time.

  • Integrate Feedback Mechanism in your App 

Most e-commerce apps don’t offer a way for users to leave comments. No feedback mechanism within your app creates a negative impact on your users, and over time, you will eventually lose those users. Therefore, the ideal way to increase customer confidence is by giving them access to efficient feedback channels where they can express their experiences and share their suggestions. Also, by providing a responsive customer feedback section, you can easily acquire customers’ queries.

By responding to visitor feedback quickly, you can draw in more clients. You can create a comment box at the bottom of the service page or establish a link so that users can leave comments there. 

  • Provide 24/7 Customer Support 

Offering your visitors quick customer service is the finest approach to differentiate yourself from your rivals.

More than 90% of users are unsatisfied with mobile apps that don’t provide efficient communication channels. The two most popular methods are calling and emailing. To differentiate your brand from those of your rivals, you must implement chatbots or offer live chat alternatives within your app.

Offering responsive customer support could assist customers in tracking their orders, asking queries immediately, or quickly finding out when their products will arrive.

In general, responsive customer service that is available around the clock helps clients feel respected and satisfied in the long run. 

  • Offer Easy Tracking Options 

One of the most important aspects that are frequently missing from e-commerce platforms is an effective tracking option to track the delivery of their parcels. When customers cannot trace the arrival of their purchases, it leaves them frustrated. Thus, don’t forget to add easy and convenient tracking options to your app. One of the easiest ways is by introducing push notifications within your app. Always ensure your app alerts the user every time they make a purchase, when their item is set to ship, or if there are any delays with product delivery.

You can attain customers’ trust and credibility towards your brand by offering simple tracking choices.

Bottom Line 

There are several ecommerce mobile app development austin available on the Play Store. And every other day, more and more exciting and data-driven mobile apps are coming into the stores. Therefore, it has become more difficult to stand out in the crowd. However, there are some ways that can be useful to distinguish your brand from the rest. 

The above write-up covers almost all the essential features your ecommerce mobile must have in order to compete with other competitors. 

Always put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and think about how you can provide them with ease and build their trust and loyalty. 

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