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eCommerce Stories – Your Shopify Podcast

by Victor

eCommerce is a field that you could talk and listen to for hours. That is why many podcasts dedicated to this fascinating industry are created. Listening to recorded conversations is an excellent form of gaining knowledge from real experts with many years of experience.

Learn From Shopify Masters

One of the podcasts that is undoubtedly worth paying attention to is the one created by Brand Active – eCommerce Stories: https://brandactive.co/ecommerce-stories/. The great experience it offers is made up of both the commitment of the hosts and the professionalism of the guests. The interaction that arises during the conversation allows you to explore the secrets of eCommerce for the benefit of your professional life.

Get To Know How To Expand Your eCommerce Business

The eCommerce Stories podcast is designed for both online store owners, eCommerce Managers, Shopify Experts and eCommerce Directors. Although each of these professions is characterized by different specifics, some areas of interest are common to all of them, so eCommerce Stories from Brand Active will have a chance to bring something for everyone – both for Shopify Experts and eCommerce Managers.

Episodes About Shopify Business

Since the Brand Active agency, which produces eCommerce Stories, is a partner of the Shopify platform, some episodes of the podcast are dedicated to this solution. They feature interviews with Shopify entrepreneurs, which talk about successful tech startups and explain current opportunity. Successful entrepreneurs and experts share inspirational stories or give practical advice, too. So, if you are considering introducing Shopify to your online store or are simply interested in this platform and want to learn more about it, listening to the eCommerce Stories podcast has a chance to be a valuable experience for you that will help you learn business tactics.

We Are On The Most Popular Streaming Platforms

The great thing about the eCommerce Stories podcast is that it is available on many of the most popular streaming platforms. Regardless of whether you are a frequent user of Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, you will be able to listen to individual episodes of eCommerce Stories there. Recordings are also available on YouTube with video accompaniment. No matter where you are, at home, on the bus or on vacation, you can play eCommerce Stories on your smartphone and do something for your professional development. If you have a free moment at work, listening to Shopify Masters episode will also be a great idea. The recordings are available in English, and the knowledge provided in them can be supplemented by reading the ebook of the Brand Active agency, which is available here: https://brandactive.co/shopify-plus-ebook/.

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