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Effective Ways to Cut Costs When Moving to a New Office Space

by Victor

Moving to a new office space, especially if it is another part of the state, or even in another state entirely, can be as stressful as moving home and the fundamental key to success is planning, planning, and you guessed it, planning some more.

Aside from the prerequisite of organization and planning, there are also effective ways to cut costs when moving to a new office as the following article will show.

1.   Choose Your Moving Date Carefully

It may well be that you work for a national, or even international, company and, as such, you are not personally in control of when you are tasked with moving your office to a brand-new location.

However, if you do have even a little bit of influence, it makes much more sense to choose later in the afternoon on a weekday, when removal vans and moving companies are much more affordable than at peak times and the weekend.

2.   Start as Early as Possible

Again, just like when moving home, the earlier you start to declutter your old office space, the better, and as in other areas of business, time is most definitely money when it comes to relocating.

The less time you take when it comes to transporting your equipment, technologies, and inventory over to the new location, the cheaper it will be and, as a result, you should involve as many employees as possible to ensure speediness and accuracy.

Additionally, when it comes to decluttering, it is crucial to strike the fine balance between keeping everything that you could need and following the data protection laws to the letter and not taking anything to the new space that you have no further need of.

3.   Use Space Effectively

Even if the new office space which your company is relocating to is larger than your previous one, it still makes logical sense to utilize the space you do have to its maximum potential.

One of the most effective ways to use your space is to invest in office workstation desk pods, the modular desk design is flexible and can adapt to any office layout.

Other ways to maximize office space include:

  • Only use office furniture in areas where needed
  • Clear away any visible and bulky office cables
  • Utilize the walls of the office too
  • Recycle old paperwork and other equipment before the move

4.   Assemble Your Own Team

When it comes to the official and legal obligations, it is simply not enough to rely on the new landlord when it comes to ensuring that all health and safety guidelines are adhered to and that the building will be ready on time.

Instead, work with consummate professionals who are entirely disconnected from both the old and new location and when it comes to advice along the way, seek free relocation advice from government boards and local councils, rather than paying over the odds for it.

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