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Elevator Guide Rail

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Elevators used to transport loads in high-rise buildings and industrial facilities are safe systems. In the installation of the elevator system, all parts are determined with different features according to the carrying capacity of the elevator.

Elevator guide rail, is metal profiles and allow the elevator to move on a certain line. Elevator cars move on rails and are moved by the elevator machine.

What is Elevator Guide Rail?

Elevator companies carry out all their production according to international standards. Guide rails, which are one of the important parts of elevators, are metal profile parts used to control the vertical movements of the counterweight and cabin, minimize horizontal movements and stop the cabin in case of danger. It is an important part for elevator safety and companies always check the guide rails during elevator installation and inspection.

What is an elevator rail used for?

Elevators are one of the important machines of today’s technology, allowing you to easily and safely go up to high floors and go down from high floors. Guide rails used in elevators are mounted in the section where the elevator moves.

It is used to prevent the elevator cabin from moving vertically and restrict its horizontal movements, and to stop the cabin when the parachute device operates. This eliminates the risk of falling in elevators.

Elevator Rail Console

Companies that install elevators carry out their operations according to their expert teams and international standards. The elevator rail console is used by mounting it on the wall in the area where the elevator moves, called the elevator shaft. Rail consoles are units prepared for the connection elements to work on a specific system.

Elevator Guide Rail Types

Elevators used in buildings have different sizes. Guide rail types are used according to the load weight capacity it will carry. Manufacturers use the types of guide rails they produce according to the elevator type.

  • A type cold drawn rail,
  • Type B machined rail,
  • BE type high speed elevator rail,

Elevator rails are produced with features such as 50, 90, and 120, and their weight and technical specifications vary depending on the guide rail size information.

Elevator Types

Elevators are divided into types according to their place of use and purpose. Their features are determined according to the intended use and are diversified according to their passenger carrying or load carrying capacities. Guide rails to be used in elevators are specially designed according to elevator types and produced by companies.

  • Automatic elevators,
  • Elevators without machine room,
  • Hydraulic elevators,
  • Freight elevators,
  • Passenger elevators,
  • Stretcher elevators,
  • Vehicle elevators,
  • Disabled elevator,
  • Panoramic elevators,

Guide rails and all parts are produced and used according to the determined standards, depending on the place where the elevator will be installed, its purpose of use and carrying capacity.

Elevator Parts

With the proliferation of high-rise buildings, the need for elevators began to increase. Elevator companies produce all parts in installation processes according to the determined standards and use them in assembly processes.

It consists of equipment such as elevator parts, guide rail consoles, steel ropes, installation cables, cabin, pulley and regulator. Guide rails are of great importance for the safety of the elevator.

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