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Enclosed Auto Transport: secure and protective shipping for high-value vehicles

by Marketgit Team

Enclosed auto transport provides an exceptional level of security and protection for vehicles during transit. Preferred by owners of luxury, classic, and high-performance cars, this shipping method involves transporting vehicles within a fully enclosed trailer, shielding them from the elements and road debris. This article explores the advantages, considerations, and practical aspects of using enclosed auto transport for your vehicle shipping needs.

What is enclosed Auto Transport?

Enclosed auto transport refers to a method where vehicles are loaded into a completely enclosed trailer. This type of transport is less common than open transport but offers superior protection and security for the vehicles. Enclosed trailers can be single or multi-car carriers, with soft-sided or hard-sided enclosures that provide varying levels of protection.

This service is particularly important for transporting high-value vehicles that are sensitive to weather conditions or prone to damage from external elements. Enclosed transport is also often used for transporting vehicles to exhibitions, car shows, or races, where maintaining the vehicle’s pristine condition is paramount.

Benefits of enclosed Auto Transport

  1. Maximum protection: The primary advantage of enclosed transport is the protection it offers from weather, dirt, and road debris. Vehicles are safeguarded against any external risks that might otherwise cause damage during long journeys.
  2. Enhanced security: Enclosed trailers provide added security against theft and vandalism, which is especially important when transporting expensive vehicles over long distances. The enclosure ensures that the vehicle is not visible to passersby, keeping it out of sight and out of mind.
  3. Specialized equipment: Enclosed transport trailers often come equipped with specialized features like climate control, air-ride suspension, and hydraulic lift gates, which are crucial for handling high-value vehicles. These features ensure that the vehicle is handled gently and remains stable throughout its journey, which is particularly important for vintage or luxury cars that require extra care.
  4. Personalized service: Enclosed auto transport frequently includes more personalized service options. Transport companies offering this service typically cater to clients who expect high levels of care and attention to detail, ensuring that each vehicle is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Considerations when choosing enclosed Auto Transport

  1. Cost: Enclosed auto transport is generally more expensive than open transport. The added protection and specialized equipment come at a premium, which is a worthwhile investment for transporting high-value vehicles but may be excessive for more standard transportation needs.
  2. Availability: Given that enclosed transport is less common than open transport, scheduling can be a challenge. Fewer enclosed carriers are available, and they may not be as readily available on all routes. Advance booking is strongly advised to secure space and ensure that your transport needs align with the availability of the service.
  3. Preparing your vehicle: Preparing your vehicle for enclosed transport is similar to other methods, but with an emphasis on securing anything that could move or shift during transport. Remove personal items and prepare your vehicle for a detailed inspection upon pickup, as this will document its condition before it is loaded into the trailer.

Enclosed auto transport offers unparalleled protection and security for transporting high-value vehicles. It is the preferred choice for car owners who cannot risk damage to their prized assets, whether for personal enjoyment, resale, or exhibition. While more costly and potentially harder to arrange than open transport, the peace of mind and superior level of care provided by enclosed auto transport make it an excellent investment for safeguarding valuable vehicles during transit.

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