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Environmentally Friendly Food Containers: A Closer Look at EPS Manufactured Solutions

by Victor

EPS, or expanded polystyrene, is a food storage option that is far more environmentally friendly than typical plastic or styrofoam containers. In a world where fighting to protect our environment is vital, it is important to look for solutions wherever possible. That’s where EPS comes in. It can offer a wide array of food storage solutions and includes sustainability and eco-friendly details as part of the design. 

What Is Expanded Polystyrene? 

EPS is a foam material that is both lightweight and durable. Food storage containers made from EPS use specially formulated polystyrene beads. The beads hold pentane expansion gas, which is where the “expanded” part of the name comes from. With the bead and gas expansion, the end result is closed cell foam with no gaps. That means you have an effective solution that is reliable and won’t lend to leakage of the food placed in it. 

EPS can be used for things like to-go boxes and containers, as well as many other things. Think of options like boxes, trays, cups, and more. All of the food containers that are most commonly made of things like plastic or styrofoam could essentially be replaced with EPS. Not only will the food container store and preserve food; you can also count on freshness, temperature control, less condensation, and no unknown chemicals leaching into your food. 

The Top Advantages of EPS Food Containers

If environmentally friendly products are something you are seeking, you will find that expanded polystyrene provides that and much more. So many food containers out there have things like CFCs and HCFCs, but EPS does not. The lack of these compounds and other chemicals protects you, your food, and the environment around you. 

We reap the benefits as consumers and reduce waste in our economy simultaneously. EPS is recyclable, and production has very limited emissions. 

Sustainability and Initiatives for a Circular Economy

Products like expanded polystyrene are designed to provide sustainability and lend to a circular economy at the same time. Manufacturers who create these products do so to impress the importance of sustainability upon the world and provide a solution that fits. Not all companies are created equally, though. If a company is going to talk about sustainability, it should also be working to minimize its footprint in the manufacturing processes. 

Even when it comes down to packaging and distribution, you should see initiatives in place that lend to a circular economy and reduce waste throughout the process. As a consumer, you should do your research, learn about the company’s initiatives and recycling options, and choose a manufacturer that supports the true nature of using EPS – protecting our environment in every way possible. 

Be Aware and Take a Stand

Consumers and producers alike have a responsibility to take a stand for our environment. Taking small steps with products like expanded polystyrene is just one easy move that can make a big difference. Take action to be aware and make small changes where you can. Being informed and empowering the world to use better options like these is just one area where we can make a change.

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