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Exploring the Top IB Schools in Bangalore: Academics, Facilities, and More

by Marketgit Team

 Knowledgeum Academy offers the most comprehensive courses among IB Schools in Bangalore for pre-university students. This is a critical stage where learners are preparing for the 12th grade exams, and entrance tests such as CET, JEE, SAT, and TOEFL to enter the top Indian and international college programmes. IB education sets a student on the path to success on a global platform with its academic rigour, drive for excellence and international-mindedness. The IBDP course offered at Knowledgeum Academy takes a focused approach to education which stresses an interdisciplinary curriculum, experiential learning, real-life application and international outlook making the learner future-ready.

JAIN Group is a renowned education institution in India which has established many schools and Best pre-university colleges in Bangalore.They offer professional programmes and have made distinctive contributions to the field of education.  The JAIN Group institutes groom learners into responsible professionals and citizens. Through Knowledgeum Academy, they are propagating their shared values with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) of excellence, resourcefulness, international mindset and tolerance.

IBO is the premiere international education board with affiliations with international schools in Bangalore and over 200 countries. Their schools attract the best minds in the field of education and shape the curriculum to address the emerging needs of modern students. Their courses are designed to teach learners important theories by delving deeply into the subjects and making them understand the real-life significance of their knowledge through experiential learning methodologies. Each of the courses promotes skills for critical thinking, research-orientation, independent learning, time management or organisation among learners. Their IBDP course is designed especially for pre-university students who will become part of the global professional community after school.

Knowledgeum Academy is among the Best IB Schools in Bangalore IBDP course offerings are diverse and promote the interdisciplinary learning which IBO promotes. Knowledgeum Academy’s academic counsellors and admissions team guide learners in choosing the right subjects and playing to their strengths while balancing their aspirations. The school’s university admissions department helps learners identify college programmes, prepare for competitive entrance tests and complete their applications. They are among the few IB schools in Bangalore that organise visits from the admissions teams of reputed international colleges and career guidance counsellors to talk to the students. In the two years that the learner spends in the institute, they will be completely immersed in various curricular and extracurricular activities that will mould them into strong candidates for any college programme they wish to pursue. The school facilitates learners to gain experience and diverse exposure through events, guest lectures, field visits and more.

IBDP Learners become critical thinkers and research-oriented masters of their field because of the academic rigour which requires them to continue studying a topic outside their textbooks and test their theories through experimentation. Writing extensive essays and preparing detailed reports with academic citations are some important skills for college that IBDP students learn. The individual and group projects, participation in extracurricular activities, and detailed report writing of the student’s learning help them construct winning college essays and also prepare them for college course curriculums. Knowledgeum Academy’s student-first approach to education is something that most PU colleges in Bangalore are unable to match. It ensures that learners get all the attention to maintain mental semblance and focus towards their goals during the critical two years of their lives. 

For deserving candidates, the school offers a Founder’s Scholarship and assistance with acquiring interest-free education loans. The school is inviting applications for grade 11 learners where you can fill out the online application at their website. Once you join Knowledgeum Academy, the school will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams of joining an elite college programme. 

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