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Femtosecond Laser Cutting

by Victor

Since its invention, laser has been widely used in different fields such as processing and manufacturing, testing, and medical treatment due to its many advantages such as monochromaticity, good directionality, and energy concentration. In recent years, scientists have discovered a more exotic laser – the femto laser cutting. It is reported that femtosecond laser is the shortest pulse technology that humans can currently obtain under laboratory conditions. The power emitted by femtosecond lasers in an instant is greater than the total power generated in the world. The difference between femtosecond lasers and fiber lasers. Scientists predict that femtosecond lasers will play an important role in the new energy field in the next century.

Ultrafast and ultra-intense lasers mainly use femtosecond lasers as the core of research and application. As a unique scientific research tool and method, the application of femtosecond lasers can be roughly summarized into three main aspects.

Applications in the field, applications in the super strong field and applications in ultra-fine precision machining.

What are the application areas of femtosecond lasers? There are too many applications of femtosecond lasers. To list one of its applications, femtosecond lasers can be used as the light source for multi-photon microscopes. Only coherent light sources above the femtosecond level can produce multi-photon excitation, because of its high photon density. The probability that more than two photons arrive at the same time.

  • (1) Ultrafast phenomena refer to physical, chemical or biological processes that occur rapidly in material microscopic systems. Femtosecond lasers play a role in rapid process diagnosis in the field of ultrafast phenomenon research. The femtosecond laser is like an extremely fine clock and an ultra-high-speed “camera” that can analyze and record some rapid processes in nature, especially at the atomic and molecular levels. In this field, femtosecond lasers have opened a new door for us, allowing us to glimpse the more subtle natural world.
  • (2) The application of femtosecond lasers in ultra-intense fields (also known as strong field physics) is due to the fact that the peak power and light intensity of femtosecond pulses with a certain energy can be very high. The electromagnetic field corresponding to such strong light will be much larger than the Coulomb field in the atom, which will easily strip away all the electrons in the atom. Therefore, femtosecond laser cutting are important tools for studying high-order nonlinear and multi-photon processes in atoms and molecular systems. Energy densities corresponding to femtosecond lasers are only possible in nuclear explosions. Femtosecond intense light can be used to produce coherent X-rays and other very short wavelength light, which can be used for research on controlled nuclear fusion.
  • (3) As the scale of integrated circuits increases, electronic components become smaller and smaller in size. This demand provides room for ultra-fine processing technology. The use of femtosecond lasers for ultra-fine processing is another important application research field of femtosecond laser technology in addition to the use of femtosecond lasers for the study of ultrafast phenomena and ultra-intense phenomena. This application has gradually developed in response to market demand in recent years, and has already achieved a lot of important progress

Use ultra-short pulse laser to achieve cold ablation and precision processing. In this process, the shorter the pulse, the faster energy is transferred to the electrons. What are the application areas of femtosecond lasers? Under ideal conditions, if the pulse is short enough, there will not be enough time for temperature equilibrium to occur between the electrons and the crystal lattice.

Next, “hot electrons” (as opposed to cold lattice) interact with the lattice in two ways

  • 1. After a characteristic time, the heat from the electrons begins to diffuse to the surrounding lattice. This electron-phonon relaxation time is a property of matter, and its typical value is 1~10ps.
  • 2. In roughly the same time frame, but with a slight delay, a sudden energy transfer occurs between the hot electrons and the crystal lattice, resulting in phase explosion, the evaporation of the active body.

What is different from femtosecond ultrafast and femtosecond ultraintense research is that femtosecond laser ultrafine processing is closely related to advanced manufacturing technology and can play a more direct role in promoting the development of certain key industrial production technologies. Femtosecond laser ultrafine processing is an extremely eye-catching frontier research direction in the laser and optoelectronics industries in the world today. With the continuous development of femtosecond laser technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, femtosecond lasers will definitely have more applications.

What are the application areas of femtosecond lasers? Femtosecond laser has a wide range of applications in the field of micro-processing, such as nano-MEMS devices, silicon wafer processing, etc. But it should be noted that when applied in the field of micromachining, it is not enough to rely on just one laser. You also need to use a very precise mechanical platform and corresponding software support. Therefore, there is no point in buying just a laser.

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