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Forex Scalping: How To Take Your First Steps In It

by Victor

Scalping means different things in different worlds. However, when somebody mentions this term in the world of investment and trades, you should know that it means skimming minor profits regularly. When a trader engages in scalping, it means they are moving in and out of their positions several times every day.  Visit MultiBank Group

In the forex market, scalping involves the process oftrading currencies after doing real-time analysis. The main objective of scalping is to earn a profit by purchasing or selling currencies. You also have to hold the position for a short period of time and close it in order to make a small profit.

A large number of trades are carried out in a single day based on a system that is put together using a bunch of signals extracted from charting tools. These tools, as traders would know, are used for the purpose of technical analysis.

It is important to remember that charting comprises a variety of signals that offer you a buy or sell decision by pointing in a particular direction. A forex scalper, ideally, looks for multiple traders in order to make a small profit.

How Does It Work?

A lot of people feel that scalping is very similar to day trading. That’s not true at all. When it comes to day trading, a trader opens a position and closes it during a particular trading session. A particular position is not carried onto another trading period.

A day trader works towards taking a position only a couple of times on a particular day. Scalping, on the other hand, is a far more hectic process. During one particular session, an individual ends up trading several times. A day trader is known for trading 5-minute or 30-minute charts. Scalpers mostly opt for one-minute charts and tick charts.

A strategy adopted by a particular scalper could be very different from the ways in which another scalper operates. Many scalpers make an attempt to keep a tab on the high-velocity moves that take place when some important economic news or data comes out. For instance, when the GDP figures or employment statistics get announced, a lot of movement happens in the market.

5 and 10 pips are the range in which scalpers scalp from each trade they carry out. Pip is an abbreviated form of percentage in point. It is often defined as the smallest exchange price movement that can be accepted by a currency pair. For a forex scalper, using high leverage and carrying out trades with a limited pips profit adds up in the long run.

It is very important for a forex scalper to be patient while trading in this space. Scalpers benefit the most when their trades turn out to be profitable and can be carried out multiple times in a single day. A pip’s average value, for a standard lot, is usually close to $10. Therefore, for every 10 pips of profit, a trader can earn $1000.

Who Should Do It?

Before you get into scalping, you must remember that it does not work out well for everybody. When you study scalping for some time, you will get to know whether it will suit you or not. You need to check whether you have a ‘scalping personality’ or not.

Apart from the fact that there is a great amount of risk involved in it, there are several important factors related to scalping that you must keep in mind. You need to be patient enough to sit in front of your computer or smart device’s screen for as long as a particular session lasts. If you suffer from concentration or focus-related issues, getting into scalping might not be the best bet for you.

In certain types of trades, you can afford to spend several minutes thinking about your next move or planning your strategies. A scalper, however, needs to be a quick thinker and somebody who doesn’t mull over his decisions for a very long time. One of the most essential qualities of a scalper is to think and act fast.

How To Get Ready For Scalping?

When you plan to be a scalper, you must try to reach out to the market makers with the help of a platform that enables quick buying and selling processes. Regardless of which platform you choose, you should find a buy button and a sell button on it.

While trading currency pairs, you will be required to use these buttons. While trying to enter or exit a particular position, you should hit the suitable button. When it comes to liquid markets, execution processes get carried out in the blink of an eye.

Choosing a Broker

When you step into the forex market, you must remember that it is an international market and suffers from a lack of regulation procedures. The good thing is that the governments of different countries, along with the trading industry, are making serious efforts to bring about the kind of legislation that would help the market function in a more organized manner.

When you decide to work with a broker, you must carefully study the agreement they want you to sign. The agreement should make it clear what kind of responsibilities your broker and you will undertake. You must also get a good understanding of margin requirements and how your broker will help you in the scalping processes. Know more horario del mercado de divisas

Finalizing the Right Platform

When a broker offers a particular platform to you, you should familiar with it to a certain extent. If you are not, you should open a practice account and explore the platform for some time. As your objective is to scalp the markets, you should be extremely cautious and refrain from making any errors while using the platform.

Entering or choosing the right button, for instance, is very important. If you intend to press the ‘buy’ button but accidentally choose the ‘sell’ button, you could get into a lot of trouble. You must try to find a platform that proves to be fruitful for you and make the right moves while scalping. 

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