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Gangnam’s nightlife and entertainment culture

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Seoul’s nights are colored with colorful lights. Various places and large crowds of people always flock here.
At night, there are a variety of bars and entertainment cultures, including fancy clubs and izakaya bars.
On the weekends, young friends in their early to mid 20s from Gangnam gather to enjoy nightlife and entertainment in the club streets around the station.
Go on dates together to karaoke, clubs, bars, desserts, etc. The surrounding area has many expensive bars, 
so it is a place frequented by young people, mainly people in their early or mid-20s.

Apgujeong Street in Gangnam

Apgujeong Street has gorgeous lounges, clubs, and high-end bars. 

Most people who enjoy entertainment here are wealthy or influencers.
Sometimes famous Korean YouTubers come out to the streets of Apgujeong and broadcast live. 
The main place in Apgujeong is the lounge and cafe that is open until dawn.
I spend my time enjoying drinks and music.

Around Seolleung Station and Yeoksam Station in Gangnam

The area around Seolleung Station is lined with large entertainment establishments. 
This place has a karaoke bar, commonly called a 강남풀싸롱, a shirt room, and a room salon.
Most people who use these facilities on this street are executives or CEOs of business companies or wealthy middle-aged men living around Seolleung.
You can also have fun at the room salon.

YAGUJANG, a large full salon at Seolleung Station

There is a large karaoke establishment called 강남야구장 around Seolleung Station and Yeoksam Station. 
This place has a large karaoke bar, serves a variety of alcoholic beverages, and customers can
People visit the place for drinking, dancing, and business. The full salon is a place equipped with various amenities and is connected to a large hotel, and customers
You can receive a variety of additional services such as accommodation, breakfast, swimming, spa, and massage. 
The prices of full salons vary from business to business, ranging from cheap to expensive.
They are also available at various prices. More than 200 employees come to work every day here, 
and many employees come to work to serve numerous customers.
Employees who come to work receive training in providing various services and customer service before working in the field, and customers also evaluate the services.
The better the evaluation, the higher the tips and base salary, so the staff at Full Salon work hard every day to provide excellent service and response.

Full salon services

When customers enter the 강남미러룸, they will be provided with a private room and various food and beverages. 
The basic menu includes whiskey, two snacks, and a drink.
The basic room can be used for 2 hours. Most visiting customers use the basic course on weekdays, 
but most customers use the basic course on weekend evenings.
You can also pay an additional fee to use it for a long time. 
Additional services include the hotel services mentioned above.


Gangnam’s nightlife entertainment culture is active, and various places are prepared so that people of various ages can enjoy it according to their individual tastes.
Representative entertainment venues in Gangnam include 풀싸롱, karaoke bars, and clubs. This place becomes crowded with people on weekend nights.

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