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Gardening Tips For The Summer

by Uneeb Khan

Summer attracts us towards ice cream, cooling appliances and any area where you can unwind and spent some time under the sun. Sit in a hammock and enjoy the warmth while enjoying a neat can and clean garden. It almost sounds like a dream come true. However, it’s only possible if you have a yard that’s free from weeds and dying trees. So, transform your garden into a haven wherein you can spend bright afternoons and relax in the evenings. Follow the given steps and keep your garden fresh as well as beautiful for the entire summer.

Mow the grasses

Mowing the garden have a positive impact on the growth and health of the grasses. So, take out your lawnmower and cut the grasses correctly. Make sure that the blades are sharp because dull edges will tear the greens apart and they will look unmaintained. Do not cut them too close to the ground, otherwise, the sunrays will burn their roots and also promote the growth of unwanted weeds. The petrol lawn mower is a great solution for lawn mowing. You can visit Gardengrower for the best petrol lawnmowrs.

Plant new flowers

Flowers and shrubbery are a couple of great options if you want to soften the outdoor texture. Visit a local nursery to select some of the plans that can thrive under the direct or semi-shaded area. Choose a shrubbery that can survive all the seasons, not only summers. So that you don’t have to replace them shortly. If you don’t have time for gardening, then you can also plant a few flowers in hanging baskets or pots.

Cut down diseased trees

Trees look great in your garden and are also beneficial for the environment. However, remove a contaminated tree that can spoil the overall appearance of the garden. Taking out a huge tree can be a tough task. If you are an expert, you can cut it safely and remove all its roots, so that the other plantations can remain safe. If you think that it’s dangerous for you to cut down a dying sapling, then contact professional tree removal services.

Check the decking

Most of the decking is made of wood and hence it’s easy for them to get damp as well as warped due to weather. Walking on a rotten decking is dangerous, so you need to inspect the panels and their joints to make sure it’s safe. You also need to verify all the screws. Apart from that, protect the deck from snow by cleaning it regularly and seal it from external weather including rain. Paint the decking regularly, otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain it after some time.

Test the soil

If you notice that the shrubs or plantations are not growing according to the expectations, then you can consult a lawn care service to conduct a soil test. There are chances that the soil is lacking some of the important nutrients required for their growth and development. A soil examination will let you know about the deficiencies and you can add them to promote a healthy and safe garden.

Water garden plants at the right time

The appropriate time to don your gardening cap is in the evening or morning. So, water all the plants either before 10 AM or post 4 PM. Water is cooler during these timings and hence it will not cause extra stress on the plants. Use a water sprinkler, mug or garden hose for efficient watering.

Use appropriate fertilizers

Your garden needs a different fertilizer in the summer season than it seeks in the winter. Visit a local nursery and they will be able to supply you the right fertilizers depending upon the plantation and soil conditions.

Mulching is one of the best ways to supply back some of the nutrients to mother soil. Spread a 2-inch layer of green clippings over the soil. It will protect the soil from extra heat, prevent weed growth and also provide moisture, nitrogen as well as many other nutrients back to the soil.

Final Talk

Following the above-given steps, you can also make your garden look gorgeous. Plants and trees are nothing less than a friend. Large trees can offer shade not only to the surrounding flowers but to you as well. If you will pay attention to their health, they will return the favor by keeping your house fresh and your mind peaceful.

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