Gravity Bongs versus Klein Recycler Bongs

Gravity Bongs versus Klein Recycler Bongs


Generally, the bong is also called a water pipe. It is filtration equipment typically used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, and different herbal materials. It is almost similar to that of hookahs. It has a warmed-up bowl, a water puddle, and a duct with a mouthpiece. It is chiefly a water pipe certainly for smoking marijuana and other drugs. As it is similar to hookahs but comparatively compact and portable.

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What are gravity bongs?

The work of the bong is to create a negative pressure, which can poke the smoke into the mouth. Due to this, the gravity bongs effortlessly form a huge amount of smoke from limited cannabis. There are several products available in gravity bongs for sale.

How to use Gravity Bong?

  • First of all, light up the flower bowl attached to the minor part while lifting it partly out of the water.
  • This develops a vacuum from the water pressure.
  • The smoke is sucked out from the bowl and into the section.
  • When the chamber is loaded with smoke, remove the bowl and inhale as the chamber is pushed down toward the water.
  • Then, enjoy the hit!

Pros- It gets you a more drastic high, so it is better for the person who wants a quick effect to get a hit.

Cons- As it pushes heavily potent smoke straight into the lungs, it is not favorable for the person with a faint heart; otherwise, if the person is susceptible, then there’s no problem.

What are Klein Recycler Bongs?

The Klein recycler bongs comparatively provide more benefits than ordinary water pipes. It is called Recycler Bongs because the water is continuously recycled inside it. As the smoke penetrates the water, the Klein recycler bongs thoroughly filter it for a smoother and cleaner blow. There are various products available for sale under Klein Recycler Bongs.

How to use Klein Recycler Bongs?

  • Fill the bong with water and load the bowl.
  • Then light the cannabis, and the smoke will go into the bigger chamber and mix with water.
  • The water filters the smoke, and both will go into another chamber through the tube. Then it is filtered one more time.
  • Once you inhale the smoke, it is again filtered through percolators.
  • Then the recycler repeats the same process, continually filtering the smoke back through the percolator and chamber.

Pros- It hits you with flavorful and smoother smoke. As the smoke goes into another compartment before the last instant of inhalation, it results in the least contact with air and benefits you with good flavor.

Cons- They are quite expensive than the general Bongs available in the market. If smoking for the long term may prove lethal to health.

What is the difference between Gravity Bongs and Klein Recycler Bongs?

Basically, at the very first, there is a structural difference: both the bongs have different shapes according to their specific features. The Gravity Bongs’ simple design compared to the Klein Recycler bongs is quite complex, but despite the structure, it works as efficiently as other bongs. The Gravity Bongs are relatively cheaper than Klein Recycler Bongs.

Both the Bongs have their specific benefits and give you the best smoking experience. For furthermore information regarding products and their details, go through

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