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High Authority Guest Posting Sites List


Guest posting is one of the common ways to rank websites. Have you a website or blog, definitively you want to rank it and need quality backlinks. Most SEO experts think, they can create backlinks from blog comments and can rank a website but according to the latest Google search engine optimization update the blog commenting backlinks are useless for your website – High Authority Guest Posting Sites.

Guest posting is the main way to rank your site in any search engine, such as Google Search engine, Bing Search engine, Yandex search engine, and so on. Guest posting backlinks are contextual backlinks (Natural backlinks) and Google also prefers such types of backlinks.

What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?
What is Content Marketing? impactplus.com

To increase the visibility and efficiency of your business online, content marketing is the key factor. Content Marketing is a powerful SEO method to gain popularity worldwide. Being an SEO expert, you will always desire to create powerful backlinks from high-authority websites.

Basically, content marketing is concerned with creating valuable content related to specific niches. Then sharing and uploading on online platforms to create high authority contextual backlinks. This helps the online business to be popular in various search engines.

Why do we need guest posting sites?

Creating contextual backlinks is simple but make sure you follow the latest Google guidelines related to backlinks. Let me know if you have 1000+ guest posting blogs, what will you do? Here we showed all types of guest posting websites, you don’t need to search anywhere.

Every new blogger seeks guest blogging sites on which he can publish his content to build powerful backlinks. These guest posting sites may be free or, perhaps paid. But we have decided to put both free and paid guest blogging websites in one place. You do not need to do search Google or other platforms to find guest posting websites. We have purified the sites manually and added the best guest posting sites to our platform.

Here is the list of high authority guest blogging sites:

High Authority Guest Posting Sites

Site URLDAPACategoryPaid/FreeContact
Blogs And News
News N Blogs
Complex Time
Cherish Sisters
Viral Tech Go
Business Gracy
Tech Ager
Market Git
Blogs Fit
Tech Huck
Tech Airo
App Clone Script
Eco Gujju
4ore Tech

Guidelines before adding the site to the list

Here we have mentioned some important guidelines that will help to add your site to the guest blogging list.

  • Clearly mention your website  name and URL
  • Your Domain Authority must be more than 10.
  • The site having a spam score of more than 10, will not be added to the list.
  • Use the appropriate category of your website.
  • Add the email carefully, you will be connected by your email given in the form.
  • Mention your website whether it is free or paid.
  • Casino, Gambling, Adult, CBD websites are prohibited.
  • Make sure to add the correct information. Any misinformation about your website will cause your site to be banned permanently.
  • We check the stats of each site regularly. In case of any event that violates the above points, your will site will be removed without informing you.
  • Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding listing your site to the guest posting platform.

Benefits of guest posting sites

  • Guest blogging sites create awareness about your online business.
  • This is an authentic way to promote content marketing strategy.
  • High authority contextual backlinks can be created by doing guest posts on these sites.
  • Guest blogging sites derive more organic traffic to your website.
  • It also increases your website’s Authority score if you create links on high authority domains.
  • Guest posting sites expand your network worldwide and do great help to rank your website in various search engines.
  • Adding your posts on guest posting sites helps in boosting social media shares.

So, what are you waiting for? Just click the above link and add your site to our listing.

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