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Healthy Food in the Vending Machine Adjusting to the New Standard

by Marketgit Team

The variety and amount of goods available from vending machines have advanced significantly; in fact, the worldwide vending machine market is now predicted to reach a valuation of USD 7.6 billion by 2026. But the introduction of vending machines into the food and beverage sector over a century ago marks a clear shift in public opinion, with many now associating them with “convenience.” Originally designed as an automatic portable dispenser for cigarettes and soda cans, it is now widely used in workplaces, hospitals, schools, airports, and train stations to improve the “ease of living” for patrons. It is also making its way into tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

In public areas where vaping is permitted, a Vape Vending Machine offers automated access to a variety of e-cigarette devices, liquids, and accessories that may be purchased right away.

Nutrition vs. Convenience

Because there were fewer preservation technologies available in the past, as well as shorter processing times and longer shelf lives, vending machines have historically been filled with generic junk food products that, although conveniently satisfying cravings for instant gratification, do not offer substantial nutrition over an extended period of time. Their affordability, since they may be had for a much lower price than their more healthful alternatives or whole meals, adds to their allure. However, as consumers become more conscious of the long-term health risks associated with junk food, convenience is gradually winning out over nutrition in the struggle for customer preference. This shift in the attitudes of the consumers may be ascribed to the following factors:

Sedentary Lifestyle: Most individuals now spend less time outside throughout the day owing to extended work hours spent in front of computers, overstretched commutes caused by increasing traffic on crowded roads, and an increase in indoor entertainment alternatives. People who lead sedentary lifestyles have seen the beginnings of diseases like diabetes and hypertension at extremely early ages. In an effort to make up for their lack of physical activity, an increasing number of individuals are choosing fast, healthful meals from vending machines.

Expansion of the Middle Class: Affordable healthy items are no longer a source of worry for homes. Nowadays, rather than looking at the food goods’ MRP, customers almost always flip over the package to see the nutritional information.
Environmentalism: People are deliberately choosing vegetarian or vegan diets since they are generally seen to be healthier than diets based on meat because of the rising outcry over animal rights and climate change.

The vending machine industry has been pushed to provide better options for its consumers by this paradigm shift toward choosing healthier items. But there have been difficulties along the way with this change.

Using digital interfaces and data analytics, a Smart Vending Machine economically offers a large variety of items while streamlining customer service and inventory control.

Obstacles in the Supply of Nutritious Food Products in Vending Machines

The perishability of healthy food items is the main worry of industry participants in the vending machine business. The makers try to employ only natural preservatives and minimize the use of chemicals in an effort to maintain the organic nutrients. Although the customers gain from increased nutritional value as a consequence, the vendor experiences a reduction in their selling window and attempts to offset this by raising the product’s price.

The opportunity cost of switching from junk food to healthy choices may be offset by the price increase, but the vendor would also suffer greater losses if sales of the product were to decline throughout its shelf life.

If we consider the possibility that consumers won’t choose the product at all because they aren’t aware of it or haven’t had enough exposure to it because of ineffective market marketing, this loss will be amplified. More losses would result from the labor, time, and logistical requirements needed to replace and discard the unsold goods.

As an IoT SaaS solution that runs on the cloud and integrates hardware and software, The software component of the solution allows for remote administration and automation of the whole supply chain, leading to a 30% boost in operational efficiency, while the hardware component provides compatibility to connect the current equipment to the cloud and an interactive touch interface.

The Vending Management Software improves inventory monitoring, sales analytics, and maintenance scheduling for increased productivity and profitability by allowing operators to oversee and manage vending machine operations from a distance.

Targeted Advertising: Linkitsoft provides business intelligence inputs in the form of sales analytics based on user behavior along with product recommendation based on machine learning algorithms to mitigate the risk that customers won’t find the healthy options profitable enough to make the switch. This may greatly increase the likelihood that the items will be sold before they expire by allowing the sellers to focus product marketing based on the tastes and past purchases of individual users.

Automated Refill Plans: Based on the machines’ current inventory state, the logistics software part of Linkitsoft’s solution creates refill schedules for the devices. In order to guarantee that the plans are carried out as efficiently as they are conceived, the software goes one step further and offers route planning and real-time delivery staff location monitoring for refillers. This functionality may help vendors reduce their operating losses by allowing them to tailor replenishment schedules based on how long healthy food products last on the shelf.

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