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Home Security Mistakes You Should Look To Avoid In 2022

by Marketgit Team

Even if you are planning everything right and have invested a good amount in your smart security system, you can still overlook a few mistakes. When you are looking through home security, do not always concentrate on your strengths.

Think about your house’s weaknesses as well.

What is that one corner that no one uses?

How many ways are there to enter this house?

Are you checking all the doors before going to sleep?

These are some of the common questions you should ask yourself again if you think your house is iron-clad secure. If you doubt any of them, then you should recheck your home security.

However, if you are already scared, just relax! This article will save you by elaborating upon all the mistakes you should look out for in the year 2022. Now, which are the major errors you should avoid when securing your home.

Why Do You Need To Stop DIY Home Security?

DIY security measures are the first mistake you need to stop immediately. This is when you get all the equipment on your own and start installing everything in random places.

Everything has a protocol, and when it comes to home security, a professional installer will be able to help you in many ways.

First, they can prevent you from making errors that can be fatal later.

Second, they will help you save money rather than brainlessly buying everything.

Third, with a professional installer, you will be able to get insurance which is impossible when you DIY.

Why do it yourself [probably doing it wrong] when you can get compensation for the damage. Therefore, always get a professional security installer. If you plan to install new smart security for your new house, look no more and click https://smiththompson.com/garland-home-security/.

Home Security Mistakes You Should Avoid

These are some of the security measures you should absolutely avoid in 2022. We have collected these from experts, and some are even from people who had to face dangerous situations because of these mistakes.

1. Not Checking The Weak Links

As we have already mentioned in the intro, do not just look into your home space and just care about the strong parts. Like you are smart locking your front door, which is not wrong.

But, at the same time, no burglar is waiting outside the door knowing for entry. Take care of the ceiling touched glass windows and the back doors as these are weak links. Vis a vis the best hotspots that a potential intruder could target.

2. Leaving Ladders Outside [For The Thief?]

Sometimes, we humans can be so careless that we practically invite the thief to our house. Why else would we leave long, very accessible ladders outside the house? For the thief to climb in and breakthrough our attic or roof?

Whenever you are using equipment outside, always remember to check them one last time and clean your perimeters. No ladder, no rope, no drills to drill through your window; nothing!

3. Putting Too Much Trust On Pets

Do you have a dog? You must always think that they are going to alert you in case of emergency and at times even attack the intruder. While it can be true in some cases, you shouldn’t always count on it.

They might be sacred as well, even if it is the best hunter breed. They are not brought up in the wilderness; they are getting the comfort of home life. Although they might attack the burglar to save you, they can also get injured because the criminals are always carrying weapons.

It is also your job to protect these creatures, so do not put all your trust in a pet.

4. Hiding Spares Keys [In Obvious Spaces!]

Yes, the world knows you have a spare key under the doormat, Linda! You should remove it.

When are we going to stop attempting stupid mistakes like hiding a spare key in all the obvious spaces? If people with no experience of crime like burglaries can figure it out, there is no way the burglar doesn’t know.

Either don’t forget your keys, keep the spare with a neighbor or just get a smart lock that unlocks with your face.

5. Newspaper Piling Near The Door

So, you are on vacation, and all you need is to stop worrying about your empty home? How about you do not make it look empty? This can be done by simple tricks like asking your newspaper guy not to deliver papers for the time being.

You can also use mobile phone-operated lights which can help you control them even when away. Just switch them on in the evening from time to time to give the illusion that someone is there.

We all know that an empty house is the biggest benefit for anyone targeting your house. Do not worry; these smart lights consume less energy, so your electricity bill won’t be skyrocketing

6. Forgetting The Perimeters

When it comes to securing your house, we always forget that the garden, backyard, driveway, garage; all are a part of our house. Just because we do not spend the night there doesn’t mean we will be ignoring them.

Have a well-lit perimeter with good intimidating fencing. Get cameras for your backyard, and this might sound unnecessary, but cut the long grasses which can literally hide a human being.

7. Keeping Garage Door Open

People suddenly ambushed by burglars have more often than not had their garage doors opened. So you can see that people forget to either lock the gate or keep the door leading to the house open. 

Go check it, and close them right away if not in use!

Final Note

Your home safety and security are very important for yourself and your family. However, unlike the primitive times, only one bolted lock is not enough.

So, take precautionary measures and safeguard your own house. It’s not the responsibility of the dog!

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