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How Beneficial to Increase Video Views on Instagram?

by Uneeb Khan

Most brands have always wanted more views on their Instagram videos, but now that the number of Instagram Views is publicly shown beneath each video, the pressure is on. Instagram has risen to the top of the list of social media channels where businesses should be promoting in the last year.

The visual-centric site is known for its strong engagement, and social videos are just as crucial on this platform as they are on others. How to obtain more Instagram Views is the difficulty that marketers are currently focusing on. Influencers usually specialize in one or more of the following areas:

travel, fitness, photography, beauty, food, or lifestyle. The more visually appealing your images appear, the more probable it is that you will get followers and experience more action. Instagram stories have become increasingly popular, with more than 200 million users using Instagram stories on a daily basis.

The inclusion of locations and hashtags in Instagram stories not only helps to increase your following base, but they also help to make your account more discoverable.  Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true ways for increasing views on your Instagram videos that are supported by data and case studies.

  • Choose appropriate hashtags.
  • Enhance your description.
  • Schedule your posts during peak hours.
  • Make use of Instagram video ads.

Spoiler alert: These tactics do not include purchasing Instagram followers or video views on Instagram. This is ineffective and may harm your marketing efforts.

Relevant Hashtag:

Hashtags are used to identify things on the internet. Instagram places a high value on the use of hashtags because they help your posts to be discovered more readily. Consider using a trending hashtag within your niche while keeping your target audience in mind when you choose your hashtag. That being said, three to five hashtags should be sufficient.

More crucially, using the search feature, the proper hashtag will help you increase your reach and maybe link you to new members of your target demographic. These topics receive a high volume of searches and can provide you with significant visibility very soon. I wouldn’t recommend only making films around trending topics, but employing the method on occasion will help you quickly increase video views.

The greatest posts from major companies in 2015 used an average of 2.5 hashtags per post. Zara’s # The iamdenim Instagram video campaign (seen above) demonstrates how choosing the appropriate hashtags can have a direct influence on brands.

It held a “collaborative design project for real people” with “actual people.” Its videos feature “actual individuals” and influencers wearing the company’s items. Because the clever hashtag felt authentic, concentrating on the person rather than the product, they witnessed enormous engagement rates (including video views) and rise in their number of followers.

Improve Your Instagram Description:

 When we’re browsing through our feeds, it’s all about the images and videos. However, one common mistake I see brands make is failing to leverage the descriptions to entice users. This is especially crucial with video views; the description might actually persuade visitors to watch them rather than scroll through. Keep in mind that a movie provides more context than a picture image.

Several studies, however, have revealed that there is no single ideal caption length. If your caption is lengthy, put the most crucial and intriguing information before the “see more” button. Line breaks can be used to divide a long caption into more understandable portions. According to one case study from Tommy Hilfiger, showcasing and tagging an influencer resulted in 3x more instagram views than usual.

Schedule your posts during peak hours:

Most engagement on Instagram content occurs shortly after it is posted, knowing your audience’s peak activity times can still significantly enhance your video views. Once you’ve received a good amount of engagement, Instagram will increase the reach of your video, increasing the number of views even more.

It might truly vary greatly from one brand to the next. Mondays, for example, are the greatest days to post on Instagram, according to one study. However, there is one thread that runs through all of the investigations.

While particular hours vary, it’s a good rule of thumb to post throughout the afternoon and evening to get the best results. More information on determining the optimum time to publish for your brand may be found here. If you upload similar content on a daily basis, it will be simple to establish which days produce the best results. Peak times during the day will also be obvious if you carefully test different times.

Make use of Instagram Video Ads:

Always use Instagram video ads. It is a very beneficial method to increase Instagram video views. They are, however, a reliable strategy to quickly increase your Instagram video views. If you want to get a lot of people to watch a video, launching a “video views” campaign is the way to go.

Because of its common Facebook ad’s fantastic targeting mechanism, Instagram advertising can even help ensure that those views come from relevant folks. Since their inception, Instagram advertising have shown to be extremely effective. While these are large numbers (and were most likely obtained at a high cost), SMBs can reproduce them on a smaller scale for their companies. When the first video ads were released, they were rated “very effective.”

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