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How can the school come together to cultivate a creative mind in students?

by Victor

We know that just as we plant the seeds of creativity within our students, we need to sow seeds of creativity within ourselves as well. We know that creativity has to be nurtured to grow, strengthen, as well as renew. We know that it starts with nurturing a creative mindset within ourselves as well. Students can come ahead and have physical items seashells, as well as creative cards, rocks, fidgets, as well as liquid motion bubblers—on their school desks or elsewhere in the classroom to spark creativity as well as let students connect with their five senses, which can invoke ideas as well as thoughts, and allow their minds to wander to a creative space. They must also let students hold these items before asking them to begin a creative piece or project as well. We see that the goal is to allow students to feel they can let their minds wander freely when they come in contact with these objects as well. The student attendance management system therefore can be of great help to students as well. What can be done is that students can also design as well as color the creative card deck digitally, or they can create physical cards by printing the ones they designed digitally as well. They can also try using these creative card decks before brainstorming project ideas that can benefit students who need help getting the creative process going as well. We know that the goal of the card decks is not to provide a solution to any challenges that the students are facing in the classroom, such as struggling to find a topic for their project as well as creating an outline for their essay but to allow their minds to meander. We see that often, the most interesting and creative ideas come to us when we aren’t concentrating or overthinking as well. They must also not forget that although there are many resources available, in the classroom space, creativity begins with them, the instructor—they are the source of inspiration and creativity as well. They are the creator who invites students to imagine ideas that may seem impossible, and they can empower them to believe that there can be a better way to create good things in this world as well. They can help them become aware that regardless of their background or a lack of resources, they can achieve whatever they can imagine as well. We see that informal learning can start with creating experiences that students can join in without preparation as well. We know that the strategy for music is simply to start singing as well as let the joy and interest of the song pull the students in. We see that Particularly with young students if they start singing an engaging song that they can make sense of, they will soon start to sing along without prompting as well. We see that this also works for playing instruments, dancing, as well as other music-making activities too. We see that academic subjects don’t exist in a vacuum, as well as students are interacting with subject area content all the time. So we see that for informal learning, the question isn’t how do we bring these concepts to the students, but rather how do we respond as students bring these concepts to us as well. We see that often students beg to play songs from home for their classmates. We know that this presents several natural opportunities for learning. We know that before a student plays, we talk about how we’re going to respond as an audience as well. We know that most of the time, it’s appropriate to sit quietly as well as hold the applause until the end of the piece. We know that in-class performance gives us a chance to practice this in a low-pressure environment where the students can retry listening as well as playing as many times as necessary. We see that after this objective has been met, they try to tie what we’ve been learning into the students’ performance as well as the class response. The school lms in such a case can play a huge role in their development. 

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