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What is OCR, and How It Helps to Extract Data from Images?

by Victor

Technology has grown unprecedentedly in the past few years. Things have changed to a whole new level. New and advanced technologies are introduced every other day. These technologies are helping individuals, businesses, and people from almost every walk of life. One such technology is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It is an efficient technology that helps in the extraction of data and paves the way for storage capabilities. It is also known as text recognition.

The OCR technology extracts data from scanned documents and images. The technology extracts the data and analyzes the character and then transforms them into words, which subsequently leads to easy editing of the documents. The technology is great for data entry purposes as well.

It amalgamates the hardware technology and software to accomplish the task. At the hardware end, it uses optical scanners, which read the text, and then the software, which translates it into editable form through advanced processing. In this regard, technology has become a great resource when it comes to converting images to text. Let’s get to know how it helps in extracting images and its various implications. 

How does Optical Character Recognition Help in Extracting Data?

The technology is quite advanced, and it has eradicated all the hassle which was previously faced by people. The technology analyses the light and dark areas to identify the text. The algorithm is designed in a way that the dark areas are marked as text and light areas as background.

The system then analyses the dark areas and fetches the alphabetic letters or numeric digits.

The characters are recognized through an advanced algorithm, one of them is feature resignation, and the other one is pattern recognition. An online image to text converter uses OCR technology to retrieve data from the images or other forms of visual content. The utility utilized an advanced algorithm for converting images into editable text through machine learning technology. Now, we will look at the implications of this technology in different domains.

Benefits of Optical Character Recognition

Optical character recognition comes with several advantages. Generally, it helps businesses streamline their work and enhance efficiency. Technology helps in making things easier. If you have to deal with a high level of workflow, then this technology can rescue you from the situation. Let’s figure out the benefits of OCR technology.

1.   Increases Productivity

OCR is one of the most used technologies that increase productivity by enhancing data retrieval. Using OCR technology, You can channel your efforts to other important tasks instead of focusing on data extraction. OCR technology is beneficial for businesses that deal with heavy information or text.

2.   Reduces Cost

Now, there is no need to hire additional resources when a technology can do the heavy-lifting for you. It is certainly one of the most important benefits of technology. OCR technology helps in trimming the costs like shipping, printing, copying, and others. Now, instead of keeping the documents in in-office storage, you can scan them and extract the data by saving it on the servers or your office database. Now, you can reclaim your office space and use it for other purposes.

3.   Leaves No Room for Errors

Data entry is generally prone to mistakes. There are chances of inaccuracy, but the OCR technology eliminates the room for inaccuracy and errors. It helps in making the data entry process smooth and efficient. Now, the data loss problem can also be handled easily with the assistance of this technology. The process involves no human efforts resulting from that; there are no issues in keying wrong information.

4.   Helps in Making Documents Editable

The scanned documents are the ones that are sometimes required to be edited. Especially when you are in need of updating the information. The scanned document helps in converting images to text, which could be edited through any good word processor. It is beneficial when you are in need to update or regularly change the information available in the documents.


In the final analysis, the OCR is certainly helping everyone in doing their tasks. It is making things a lot easier for everyone out there. You would be able to tackle a heavy chunk of information with the assistance of this OCR technology on the go. Moreover, an image to text converter can be a great tool if you are into data entry work and want to extract text from images quickly.

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