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How Thousands of Australian are Quitting Vaping and Smoking

by Marketgit Team

ZAPPS (https://zapps.com.au/) is a new Australian own brand that has just entered the scene, promoting their tobacco free nicotine pouches, these little gum like pouches contain tobacco free nicotine that gives you that nicotine rush without causing harm to your lungs and body from Vaping Or Smoking.     

These ‘Nicotine Pouches’ have been gaining popularity in the USA known as Zyns, owned but tobacco giant Phillip Morris but Zapps is the first Australian made & owned company in the scene and is planning to disrupt the vape and tobacco industry in Australia. I know what your thinking… do Zapps actually work?

The answer is YES! Norway and Sweden has had a similar product since the 80s and has seen their smoking rate continually decline since then. Today, Sweden’s smoking rate is only 5% whereas Australia’s is 12% and this doesn’t include vaping which have some estimates at 35%. Swedens success is largely because of nicotine pouches.

If you are a smoker or vaper who likes the kick you get from nicotine but wants to stop destroying their lungs so they can live a long and healthy life (this was me) I can only suggest looking at Zapps as an option for you. The link to their product page is (https://zapps.com.au/collections/all).

At only $16 for a pack of 20 (which will last more than a week) Zapps can also help you save more money each week so your not forced to open $50 a week on cigarettes. Feeling healthier, living longer & and saving more money for things you actually want in life, but still not having to give up that nice feeling nicotine beings, this is why I am such an advocate for this company. I absolutely recommend viewing their website for a better lifestyle today.

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