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How To Access Blocked Sites Online Anywhere for Free?

by Uneeb Khan

Every year more and more websites get blocked, leaving people to go running in a frenzy on the hunt for alternatives. Even though most websites end up getting blocked or taken down due to legal or financial issues, like licensing, piracy, or marketing budgets, the whole thing is just annoying to deal with.

Imagine your favorite research website getting blocked in your country one day for no reason, and now you can’t find a different one that gives you the same vast library of knowledge that you were used to?

Or a torrent website you were just starting to get cozy with shutting down in your country, leaving you to go looking for another one to download your favorite shows and movies? We get the annoyance and discomfort because we’ve all been there—which is exactly why we’re writing this blog.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss some free options on how to access blocked sites online for free, and also—full disclaimer—why we think you should buy VPN instead. Let’s get started.

Use proxy websites

Most websites like torrent websites have mirror or proxy websites that let users access the same content—from a different URL. Proxies or mirrors camouflage local internet service providers’ blocked websites and let users access it.

In case a website is blocked, all you have to do is enter the blocked website URL in one of the proxy websites like SmartProxy or SpySurfing, and you will be returned the proxy URL.

However, proxy websites are highly unsafe, and you could end up getting malware or virus installed on your computer, or worse—getting hacked without even knowing it.

To be honest, not all proxy websites are unsafe. In fact, platforms like RARBG have been famous for their credible, reputed and well-established positions for the last few years. You can rest assured that you will not find any problems or troubles when downloading content from RarBG.

Access blocked websites in Chrome

Thought you knew Google Chrome? Of course, you did, you’ve been using it your entire life! But this is one of the lesser-known features of Google Chrome: you can change your website settings so that you can access websites that have been blocked in your region.

If you have a blocked site that you are looking to access, all you have to do is enter the web address in your Chrome search bar, click on the bar, head over to the ‘site settings’ tab and change the blocked status.

Try using the website IP instead of its URL

Many people don’t know this, but each website’s URL has an IP address too. However, ISPs log in and register the URL against a blocked website but leave out the IP. This means that you could still access the website using its IP address.

If you don’t know the IP address of your blocked website, you could just type ‘tracert [websitename].com’ in the command prompt on your Windows PC, and it will return you the IP address.

If you own a Mac, open ‘Network Utility’ and then click on ‘Traceroute’ and then type in the website URL, and you will get the IP address.

For iPhone and Android users, you guys can just download Traceroute apps from your Play Store and App Store and use that—it’s pretty straightforward.

In Linux, you can type ‘dig [websitename].com’ in the terminal, and it will give you the IP address.

Use the internet archive—Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is another lesser-known but super cool tool. This is a service that is supposed to have stored a copy of almost every website created on the internet. The good thing is that the Wayback Machine is said to store multiple versions of each website, so even if you’re looking for a particular version of a particular website, chances are, you won’t be disappointed.

That’s not all—the internet archive is also home to many free movies, documentaries, games, and even old e-books that you can get your hands on.

Use TOR—The Onion Router

TOR is a privacy browser that many people use to avoid crossing paths with a hacker or a cybercriminal. This browser can also be used as a website blocker bypass tool so you can use it to access blocked websites by being completely anonymous online.

This is also our second favorite tool to access blocked websites after VPNs because of the security it provides, and it makes sure that users’ privacy is held integral.

Why we recommend using VPNs over all these methods

VPNs are cybersecurity tools that ensure that you’re anonymous online and that your communication with the internet is encrypted—keeping you safe while you’re accessing blocked websites.

We recommend buy VPN because the internet can be a dark place, and other methods like proxy websites can put you at a greater risk of falling into the dark rabbit hole of cybercrime and hacking.

VPNs keep you safe by making you anonymous and ensuring that your communication data cannot be understood by anyone who doesn’t have a decryption key. Furthermore, VPNs have many advantages, like letting you unblock regional libraries on popular content streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu and getting you faster internet speeds by bypassing ISP throttling, letting you game better—who wouldn’t want that?

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