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How to add a Second Story Addition to your home

by Victor

There are many reasons to add a second storey to your home – you may want to increase your living space, take advantage of a stunning view, or remove the need for a ladder whenever you want to go to bed. Whatever your reasons, second storey additions can be a great way to create the home you’ve always wanted.

But before you start, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you must ensure your home is suitable for a second storey. This means ensuring that your home’s foundations and structural elements are strong enough to support the additional weight. Next, you need to think about the design of your second storey.

  1. How to add a second storey addition
  2. The process of adding a second storey

1. How second storey additions can create the home you’ve always wanted.

Almost everyone dreams of owning their own home. For many, this means a single-family home with a nice backyard. But for some, their dream home includes a second storey. Second storey additions can provide many benefits for homeowners.

First, they can increase the overall value of your home.

Second, they can provide additional living space for your family.

And third, they can give you a better view of your neighbourhood and the surrounding area.

 If you’re considering a second storey addition, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

So why not start planning your second-storey addition today?

2. The process of adding a second storey.

Adding a second storey to your home can be daunting, but with the help of a professional builder, it can be a smooth and exciting process.

The first step is to consult with your builder, like Risen Developments and get their advice on the project’s feasibility. They will be able to tell you what structural changes need to be made to your existing home and if there are any Council regulations you need to be aware of.

Once you have decided to proceed with the project, your builder will prepare a detailed quote for the work. This will outline all the materials, labour and other costs associated with the project. Once you accept the quote, you and your builder will obtain the necessary approvals from your local Council. Once these approvals are in place, work can begin on your new second storey.

Your builder will start by stripping the roof off your existing home and adding the new structural elements required to support the second storey. They will then install the new floor joists and ceiling battens before installing the new roof. Once the roof is in place, your builder will work on the internal walls and partitions. The exterior cladding and finishes can begin once the internal wall structures are complete.

The process can take several months to complete, but the result will be a beautiful new second storey that adds value to your home.

How you add a Second storey addition to your home could be ideal for families looking to expand their lifestyle and explore the possibilities of building on the Gold Coast. Risen, your local Building and construction company on the Gold Coast, is only a click or call away, so please get in touch with us today at 0404 REN OV8. Please don’t delay, and let’s chat soon!

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