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How to choose a smartphone to play online games

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We are now accustomed to seeing a growing number of devices delivered by manufacturers each year and are now easily classifying them as low, medium, and high prices. In fact, these three categories are not enough to prove the potential difference between one model and another. Especially when it comes to choosing a smartphone to play online games, in fact, many of these newly introduced features are specifically designed for the industry. Exactly, for this reason, I decided to do a brief analysis of what you can find inside the best Android devices to play online games.


How to choose a smartphone to play online games

The display is indeed the first striking factor when you decide to buy a new smartphone. For a gaming device, the best solution is to choose an AMOLED or OLED panel, with deep blacks and excellent color rendering.

As for the decision, however, in order to maintain a good balance between quality and independence, you should choose at least one Full HD + one.

Size is also important, and having a display of more than 6.3 “will allow you to better understand the details of the game, even the most insignificant ones.

Recently, the frequency of updates has become increasingly important. This shows how many times each second the screen refreshes the images in it. Smartphones with a refresh rate set at 90, 120, 144, or – even – 240 Hz are increasingly common; the real joy in the eyes of the most hardcore players.


How to choose a smartphone to play online games

In the last few years, the advent of smartphone processors has greatly improved. In addition to “green” CPU power, power consumption is also reduced, so you can extend your playtimes even further. It should also not be forgotten that, with the adoption of 5G technology, online games will be much more fun and there will be a complete loss.

What has not changed, however, is the companies that produce processors. In fact, Qualcomm, Huawei, and Apple once again dominated the situation. Recently there has been a welcome return of Mediatek which has – at least temporarily – dedicated itself to the middle class.

If you want your gaming time to stay high, here are the smartphone processors you need to look at by the end of 2020 / early 2021:


o Snapdragon 865 5G
o Snapdragon 855+
o Snapdragon 855
o Snapdragon 765 5G


o Kirin 990 5G
o IKirin 990
o Kirin 985
o Kirin 820

 An apple

o A12 Bionic
o A13 Bionic
o A14 Bionic

RAM and internal memory

How to choose a smartphone to play online games

Gone are the days when a high-end device could boast 4 GB of RAM. Now even the middle distance is full of models with at least 6 or 8 GB of available RAM; Not to mention the real gaming consoles, they now have the right RAM for the PC. For the most up-to-date OnePlus, it has an 8 Pro with even 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM under the body.

However, even the competition was not looking and, for this reason, if you are looking for a gaming smartphone, take it as the first available availability of at least 8 GB of RAM.

As for internal memory, however, speech is highly dependent. If the top of the current technology is UFS 3.0 memory, it is not certain that the amount of memory required should be the same for everyone.

I can tell you that “128 GB is the new 64 GB”. This means that now, in view of the future, the minimum amount of memory that will be expected on this device is 128 GB, preferably expandable with Micro SD. The fact remains that a 64 GB smartphone will offer the same performance.


While waiting for the next generation of batteries, long-time attention-grabbing manufacturers, we’re able to increase current capacity.

So it is not uncommon to get into Smartphones with a 4500 or 5000 mAh battery.  However, that this information greatly increases the size and size of the device. In either case, the larger the battery, the longer the distance. So try to take a closer look at this feature and don’t be fooled by Apple devices: even though their batteries are much smaller than the competition, and remember that power consumption is much lower than Android.

Accessories and software

Accessories and software

If you intend to buy a gaming smartphone, you should know that in addition to “pure functionality”, the accessories and features of the software also make a difference. In fact, many manufacturers are expanding these devices to give users the best chance to play. Xiaomi, for example, and its Black Shark was the first to add control to the sales package.

Some companies, on the other hand, are more focused on software. OnePlus has actually improved the Fnatic mode, allowing you to play without interruptions and high performance, both in terms of network and processor.

Well, maybe this isn’t the most important detail during the purchase phase, but I can assure you that they can make a difference during the long-playing period.

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