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How to deal with the appeal seller suspension Account?

by Uneeb Khan

Amazon: How do you handle the suspension of your seller account?

Selling in the markets is an opportunity to increase sales internationally. Electronic retailers have many options to choose from between general and specialty markets. However, selling your products on these platforms requires flawless behavior. It is one of the strictest platforms and requires a satisfaction rate of more than 90% from its particular sellers.

To maintain their privileges, Amazon sellers must comply with the rules established by the market. Otherwise, your merchant account may be temporarily or even permanently blocked.

The reasons for the suspension of your Amazon seller account

When selling your products on Amazon. You need to ensure that you maintain high-quality customer service that is in line with Amazon’s performance goals for sellers. If your customer metrics don’t meet these goals, your account may be suspended due to poor performance Appeal Ninja.

What are the Amazon seller performance goals?

Objective n. # 1: Have a wrong order rate of less than 1%.
The incorrect order rate corresponds to the percentage of your orders. That have received a negative comment, a claim in accordance with the guarantees from A to Z. Or an objection to the debit of an e-shopper at your bank.

Objective n. 2: A pre-processing order cancellation rate of less than 2.5%.
The pre-fulfillment order cancellation rate is equal to all cancellations you have made. Divided by the total number of orders over a period of time.

Objective n. 3: Have a delayed shipping rate of less than 4%.
The late delivery rate is the number of orders confirmed to ship 3 days. Or more after the order date divided by the total number of orders for the specified time period.

Note: If you are not meeting Amazon’s required seller performance targets. Keep in mind that the marketplace will generally contact you within 60 days of the initial warning to give you time to improve your performance.

Your seller privileges can also be revoked if you violate the sales guidelines. And prohibited content rules set by the marketplace.

How can it be cured?

If Amazon has blocked your seller account, you can appeal the market’s decision by providing an action plan. They should suggest alternatives to solve the problems that led to the suspension of your account. Follow the steps below to reactivate your permissions.

1) Identify the cause of the problem.

2) Analyze your sales practices

If the root of the problem is your sales performance, analyze your customer metrics and identify those that are not meeting Amazon’s sales performance goals. In the event of a violation of Amazon’s regulatory framework, evaluate your sales practices to identify those that may leave e-shoppers dissatisfied. Also, check that your product catalog does not contain any items that may violate market sales guidelines.

3) Write your action plan

The purpose of your action plan is to show the market that you have identified the root cause of the problem in your sales and / or inventory management process and explain how you are going to solve it. The more precise your action plan, the better your chances of reactivation Appeal Ninja .

For example, if you have a performance issue with a high pre-fulfillment order cancellation rate, you should analyze your inventory management process. This may indicate overstock. So be careful not to sell out of stock products. . If you sell your products on different marketing channels, we recommend that you exclude products with less than 5 items in stock Marketplace sale.

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