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How to Download AliExpress Images & Videos for Free

by Marketgit Team

AliExpress is a treasure trove of unique and affordable products. But if you’re a blogger, dropshipper, or social media marketer, you might find yourself frustrated by the lack of an easy way to download high-quality product images and videos. Fear not! EcomStal’s free Chrome extension, “AliEx Image & Video Downloader,” is here to save the day.

Why Download Images from AliExpress?

There are several reasons why you might want to download images from AliExpress:

  • For Blog Posts and Reviews: Eye-catching visuals are essential for creating engaging content. High-quality product images can significantly enhance your blog posts and reviews, making them more informative and visually appealing for your audience.
  • For Your Online Store: If you’re a dropshipper, you’ll need product images to list items on your online store. Downloading images directly from AliExpress saves you time and ensures you have high-resolution visuals to showcase the products you sell.
  • For Social Media Marketing: Compelling product images are crucial for grabbing attention on social media platforms. Downloading AliExpress images allows you to create visually appealing social media posts that will stop users in their scroll.
  • For Marketing Materials: Eye-catching product visuals are essential for creating effective marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and email campaigns. Downloading high-resolution images from AliExpress gives you the flexibility to use them in various marketing materials.

What is EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader”?

EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” is a free Chrome extension that simplifies downloading images and videos directly from AliExpress product pages. With just a few clicks, you can download all the essential product visuals you need, saving you valuable time and effort.

How to Download AliExpress Images

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” to download images from AliExpress:

  1. Install the Extension: Head over to the Chrome Web Store and search for “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” by EcomStal. Alternatively, you can find a link in the description of most EcomStal blog posts. Click “Add to Chrome” to install the extension.
  2. Navigate to an AliExpress Product Page: Open any AliExpress product page that contains the images you want to download.
  3. Locate the Download Button: Once the extension is installed, you’ll see a new button labeled “Download Images & Videos” on the product page. This button might be located near the product image or within the extension’s toolbar (depending on your Chrome settings).
  4. Download Images: Click the “Download Images & Videos” button. The extension will process the page and generate a list of all available image links, including:
    • Main product images
    • Variant images showcasing different colors or styles
    • Detailed description images provided by the seller
  5. EcomStal Results Page: The extension will open the EcomStal results page, displaying all the extracted image links. Here, you can:
    • Preview individual images
    • Select specific images for download
  6. Download Options: EcomStal offers two download options: * Download Single Images: Click the download icon next to each desired image to download it individually. * Download All Images: Click the “Download All” button to download all the images as a convenient ZIP file.
    How to Download AliExpress VideosThe process for downloading videos from AliExpress is very similar to downloading images:
    1. Navigate to a Product Page with a Video: Find an AliExpress product page that includes a video showcasing the product.
    2. Locate the Download Button: Click the “Download Images & Videos” button provided by the extension.
    3. EcomStal Results Page: The extension will identify any available video links and display them on the EcomStal results page alongside the images.
    4. Download Video: Click the download icon next to the video link to download it directly to your computer.
    Important Note: Downloading videos might not be available for all AliExpress products. It depends on whether the seller has uploaded a video for that specific item.Who Needs This Free Tool?EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to download high-quality product visuals from AliExpress. Here are some specific groups that can benefit from this extension:
    • Bloggers and Reviewers: Enhance your blog posts and reviews with high-resolution product 
    • images from AliExpress. This will make your content more visually appealing and informative for your readers.
    • Dropshippers: Save time and effort by easily downloading product images to list items on your online store. Having access to high-quality visuals is crucial for creating a professional and trustworthy online store.
    • Social Media Marketers: Grab attention on social media platforms with compelling product images. EcomStal’s downloader allows you to quickly download visuals to create engaging social media posts that will stop users in their scroll and potentially drive traffic to your website.
    • Marketing Professionals: Easily download product images for use in various marketing materials like brochures, flyers, email campaigns, and presentations. This extension gives you the flexibility to create professional-looking marketing materials without needing to request images from sellers.
    • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: If you’re just starting your online business, EcomStal’s downloader can be a helpful tool for getting high-quality product images without breaking the bank. You can use these visuals for your website, social media marketing, and other marketing efforts.
    • Personal Use: Even if you’re not a business owner or marketer, you might still find EcomStal’s downloader useful. Perhaps you want to save product images for future reference, create a personal mood board, or share visuals with friends.Common FAQs about EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader”
    Here are some frequently asked questions about EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” to address any lingering doubts you might have:
    • Is the Extension Free?
    Yes, EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” is a completely free Chrome extension. You can install and use it without any charges.
    • Is the Extension Safe?
    EcomStal is a reputable developer with a good track record. The extension goes through Google Chrome’s security checks before being added to the Chrome Web Store. However, as with any extension, it’s always a good practice to be cautious and only install extensions from trusted developers.
    • What Image Formats Does the Extension Download?
    The extension typically downloads images in their original format, which could be JPEG, PNG, or WebP (depending on how the seller uploaded them).
    • Does the Extension Work on All AliExpress Products?
    The extension should work on most AliExpress product pages. However, there might be a few instances where the extension cannot detect downloadable images or videos due to variations in how sellers upload their content.
    • Can I Download Images in Bulk?
    Yes, EcomStal allows you to download all images from a product page as a convenient ZIP file. This saves you time compared to downloading each image individually.
    • Does the Extension Edit Images?
    EcomStal recently added a free built-in image editor to their extension. You can use this editor to perform basic edits like cropping, resizing, and adding text before downloading the images.
    • What About Copyright?
    It’s important to be mindful of copyright laws. While EcomStal facilitates downloading product visuals, it’s your responsibility to ensure you have the right to use the downloaded images. In most cases, using product images for personal use or promotional purposes with proper attribution is acceptable. However, it’s always best to check the seller’s terms or contact them directly if you’re unsure about using their images for commercial purposes.By understanding these FAQs, you should have a clear idea of how EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” works and how it can benefit you.ConclusionEcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” is a valuable and free tool for anyone who needs to download high-quality product visuals from AliExpress. With its simple interface and easy-to-use features, the extension saves you time and effort while providing you with the essential product images and videos you need for your various projects. So, if you’re looking for a convenient way to download AliExpress visuals, EcomStal’s “AliEx Image & Video Downloader” is definitely worth adding to your Chrome extension arsenal.

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