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How to Find the Right T-shirt Printing Company for Your Project

by Victor

T-shirts are a staple in many people’s wardrobes. They can be paired with almost anything and elevate your style over and over again. If you need new t-shirts for your company or want to promote your idea, you’ll need to find the right t-shirt printing company for your project. Many companies in Manchester can help you print t-shirts, but finding the right one isn’t always easy. Here we will cover all you need to know about finding the right t-shirt printing company for your project.

The bulk order

Do you have a new product launch, or is an event coming up in your company? Most large print shop companies have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Usually, around 25 pieces or more. So if you only require a small number of custom t-shirts, you are best approaching a smaller printshop which doesn’t have a MOQ. 

If you are a larger company or an event organiser, you may require a bulk batch of t-shirts. Smaller print companies may find it challenging to complete the work in the time frame you need. When ordering t-shirts in bulk, you best speak to the printer on the phone and make sure you request a mockup of the design or, if time allows, order a sample of the t-shirt before going ahead with your bulk order. A single sample will cost more but will ensure you get what you want before spending a large sum of money on a bulk batch of t-shirts. 

Quality of printing matters

When looking for t-shirt printing in Manchester, the quality of your print and the shirt must match your expectations. If you have a great logo and a catchy slogan, you don’t want to be let down by having your design idea printed onto a poor-quality shirt. You can ask for a sample from the company; a good company is always ready to provide them for a fee. An example will allow you to evaluate the quality of the t-shirt and the printing standard.

Time is important

Or rather, allowing enough time is essential. Allowing enough time is important for two reasons. The first reason is not to put the printer under unnecessary pressure, as you want them to do their best work. A printer under pressure is more likely to make mistakes which could cause a delay.

The second reason is to allow for printing errors and reprints. Although 99% of prints will be successful, there will always be that 1% that’ll need to be reprinted. You need to be aware of this and allow time for an error. We recommend allowing two to four weeks for your order to be completed. 

The Cost

Be realistic with your budget. Nobody wants to divert from their budget, but picking the cheapest option is unlikely to work out that way if you want quality. Also, think about the number of prints you want on the shirt. However, bear in mind that the more prints you add to the shirt for more expensive the item will become. If you are on a budget, consider only a front or rear print, as this will help to keep you within your budget. 

Policies related to exchange and return

Check the print companies’ policies. Most printshops would either refund or reprint your item if there is a mistake or a printing error on the t-shirt. However, if you order the wrong size, it is doubtful that the printer will exchange or reprint the shirt, as the printer can not resell your custom item.

Check customer reviews

Company reviews are a great way to gain insight into the quality of the offering and their level of customer service. Most social media websites have a review option where customers can leave feedback. We would also recommend that you look at their Trustpilot or Google reviews.


Remember that t-shirts can be excellent for your business project or marketing strategies. Using them correctly in your advertising campaigns will reach more people and spread your company message. Find a printing company which will take care of you and ensure your custom designs come out exactly as you imagined.

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