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How to get a burner phone number to receive SMS

by Victor

More and more companies are requiring a phone number when registering for projects and online resources. In the past, you made do with a username and password or, at most, an email address for your account.

Of course, a phone number provides more protection and security for detractors who might want to hack into your account. But what if you can’t restore your account using your number (you lost it, threw it away, or something else) or you want to sign up for a second account and your number is already being used by an application?

Not everyone wants to indicate their real number when registering because of the high probability of receiving spam or calls from unknown numbers. Buying another SIM card is not always the best and most convenient solution.

What is a burner number for SMS?

A burner number is a phone that can only be used once. For example, to receive SMS online and register another account on Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram. A user rents a number and receives a text message on it. Its time is limited – it can last 20, 30 or 60 minutes. Conveniently, you don’t need to buy a SIM card to do this. Moreover, you don’t even need a phone – the work is done in the cloud service, which you can use from any device.

Virtual number services work without direct dependence on mobile network coverage. This means the only condition for getting SMS online is a stable Internet connection. All necessary processing is done on servers, which provide numbers for rent.

Why do you need a Virtual Number for SMS?

Using a temporary or permanent virtual number can be useful for those who, for example, post ads online or use dating sites.

  • Once a phone number is posted on a popular classifieds site, it is often replicated online along with the ad. It happens that even after you close the ad, someone still calls you. If you enter a virtual number, it may be blocked as soon as the ad is closed and your main number does not appear on the site.
  • For those who use dating sites, a virtual number is all the more useful. Online dating is always a lottery, new acquaintances may come across as inadequate people, they may not know your main permanent phone number that all your loved ones know.
  • With a virtual number, you can register hundreds of accounts in various social networks, messengers and other platforms, and you have to enter your cell phone number when registering.
  • In addition, a virtual phone number will help you keep your personal information private. The identity of the owner of the virtual number cannot be revealed, so you do not need to provide any personal information to obtain it.

How to get a burner phone number for SMS

We will use the well-known virtual number provider SMS-man to obtain a virtual temporary number. To create your temporary phone number, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the SMS-man website and register using your email address or social media.
  2. Then refill your account in any way that is convenient for you.
  3. On the homepage choose the country you want to buy
  4. Then choose the service or platform you want to register.
  5. You can buy the virtual phone number of your choice by clicking on “Buy” button near the service you want to buy.
  6. Once you have purchased, your virtual number will be instantly added to the request history on the main page.

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