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How to get permanent residency in Germany if you’re from India?

by Victor

Many students who are studying in Germany are not aware about how to apply for permanent residency in Germany. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed during the submission of an application for German permanent residency. But first let us go through some very interesting facts about Germany.

Germany is the most welcoming country for foreign students because of its thriving economy, advanced educational system, high standard of living and various career prospects. According to recent studies the number of Indian students has drastically changed over the years.

When it comes to the PR, Indian students must work in Germany on a residence permit for at least 2 years before applying for permanent residency. Permanent residency not only allows the students to work, stay or live but also allows them to bring their families.

Documents required to apply for permanent residency of Germany:

Following paperwork needs to be completed before getting the permanent residency:

1. Submit application form

2. Biometric photograph

3. A current national passport

4. An academic certificate

5. Proof of employment for over 2 years.

6. Proof of accommodation

7. A recognized certificate that shows you know at least B1 level of Germany.

8. Proof of pension insurance

9. Proof of health insurance coverage

10. Sufficient resources to survive in Germany

Some useful tips to consider while you plan to migrate from India to Germany

The financial market of Germany is at a booming stage, making it the greatest economy in the entire Europe. But how can one relocate in Germany is the most likely asked question. In 2017, approximately 1.8 lakhs Indians filled form for German visas. This proves how well-liked nation is among Indian professional and students. Germany is the country that encourages skilled worker immigration, particularly in such field where there is scarcity of workers. Germany is only the country in Europe that issues the most EU blue card.

Types of residence permit in Germany:

It depends on the duration of the stay and an individual’s need. A temporary visa enables a person to stay for a short period of time whereas permanent residency serves different purpose all together.

Temporary residence:

One year is the maximum period for which a person can reside in Germany with a temporary residence permit.  There is a possibility of extensions too. Students are expected to explain their intention to immigrate from India to Germany. Following are the reasons you can give to justify for your immigration to Germany:

1. Immigrants seeking work

2. Immigration for academic purpose

3. Marriage related immigration

EU blue card:

The European blue card is offered to non-citizen foreign nations who wish to study or work in Germany. It is important that the person should have a graduate or an undergraduate degree in any field. The EU blue card holder have the permission to live in Germany for 4 years. Students who wish to study and stay in Germany can take help from YES Germany. We are the best study abroad consultant in Mumbai who help students who want to study in Germany.

It is important to know how long it’ll be to accomplish your goals when you plan to study in Germany. YES Germany is one of the best studies abroad consultants in Mumbai that can help you learn German.

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