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How to Make Your Next Marketing Campaign Exciting

by Uneeb Khan

Do you have a steady marketing strategy? Do you never miss a day of posting SEO-friendly content? Do your ads run smoothly and your social media pages are updated?

Having that is great, but every once in a while you need a boost. Utilize the creative marketing skills of your marketing team. Let’s examine the why, what, and how.

Launching Marketing Campaigns: Why Should You Do It?

Understanding how campaigns differ from your marketing strategy and tactics is crucial. Search engine optimization, search engine optimization, and content marketing are all things you do every day. They serve as the foundation of your marketing.

You can then build on that with marketing campaigns. Promotions, ads, and messages centered around a single theme or idea are short-term campaigns.

You don’t have to focus on products. You can use an advertisement or campaign for many different purposes, including:

  • Raising brand awareness. This is less focused on your individual products, but rather on the quality of your brand. A brand’s awareness isn’t always measured in sales or followers. Brand recognition can also be measured by market share. What percentage of people talk about you in relation to your product category?
  • Negative publicity: If your company has recently been the target of negative publicity, you should not only fix the problem, but also communicate the issue through marketing. Transparency and authenticity are two qualities consumers seek these days.
  • In order to fill your email list, you might not be using your standard marketing practices in a specific or timely way. If you create targeted marketing campaigns, your sales funnel can be boosted a bit.
  • Before launching a new product, many brands invest in a marketing campaign to showcase it.

Marketing Campaigns That Worked

Online or offline, a marketing campaign can be big or small. Starting from scratch can be challenging if you don’t know the types of campaigns that are most effective for your goals. The following are five types of campaigns illustrated with real-life examples to help you generate some ideas.

1. Develop a Lead Generation Campaign That Works

It can be difficult to build an email list of people who are truly interested in your content and products. People’s email addresses are often obtained by offering them a discount. They unsubscribe after making a purchase. That hurts.

Grant Baldwin, a professional speaker, decided to try something new. In order to generate leads, he designed a campaign around one of the questions fellow speakers asked him most often: how much can I charge for a speaking gig?

A speaker could use this calculator to find out how much they should be charging based on the advice of a successful speaker. Then he could market his coaching services to them, since they were hyper-relevant to his other speaker-related services. Great move, Grant.

2. Partner With Other Companies to Create Co-Branded Campaigns

Your brand is growing fast and you want to reach more people-but is your audience growing slower? Take advantage of other brands’ audiences! By partnering with brands whose target audiences overlap, your brand will be introduced to a new audience.

Check out how Uber partnered with Spotify. Their target markets are similar even though they provide two distinctly different services. Plus, who doesn’t like to listen to an emotional song while watching a music video on their phone while waiting for a cab?

Together they started a campaign called Soundtrack for Your Ride. When booking a cab trip, users can choose their own music, so they don’t have to listen to a stranger’s taste in music. People who need a soundtrack to set the mood before going to a party, the airport, or a date will find this useful.

3. Use Influencer Marketing to Your Advantage

We are in the midst of an influencer marketing boom. There are more and more aspiring influencers in the online world, but that’s good for brands. These micro-influencers all have loyal, devoted audiences of their own. In addition, their prices are much cheaper than those of the big brands. Why rely on only one brand anyway? Make an ad around your product using an ad maker, and tell them to tag on their social handles.

Asos is a brand that has done a great job of leveraging micro-influencers. Through ASOS Insiders, they partnered with influencers to develop sponsored accounts, wearing ASOS apparel. People like to see styling tips, behind-the-scenes content and lifestyle content on Instagram, whether sponsored or not.

ASOS is able to reach a much larger audience organically thanks to this content, which is more authentic than most sponsored influencer posts.

4. Leverage User-Generated Content

Assume you’re planning a vacation. The hotel has lots of photos on its website, but you’re still skeptical about it. They look great on their own website, you think. Now what?

For finding more pictures, people no longer need to rely solely on Google Images. Now they have Instagram at their disposal. They can view content shot with iPhones, instead of fisheye lenses, by real people. Furthermore, they can see what people did during their stay at a hotel.

The percentage of people who trust user-generated content is greater than what brands put out. If your business knows how to use UGC, you’ll also realize how much cheaper it is.

What’s the deal with it? Imagine you own a gorgeous hotel. You aim to catch the attention of those millennials. They won’t book a hotel or travel experience without UGC marketing.

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One of the easiest things you can do is encourage people to use a specific hashtag when sharing their content shot at your hotel. You want as many people to share your content as possible. In addition to reposting this UGC, Hotel 1898 in Barcelona also promoted it on their own timeline. The hotel has a special story feed dedicated to it. The story is short and to the point.

5. Make Your Offline Marketing Campaigns Stand Out From The Crowd

Finally, we cannot ignore offline marketing. Screens occupy our time all day, and it’s hard to get the consumer’s attention. You should try an offline marketing campaign if you want to catch the ones who look up from their phones every now and then. Posters and billboards are the way to go. Create a poster and leverage the offline marketing campaign to the fullest to grab the maximum audience’s attention.

Heimat Wien is an excellent example of such a campaign. Austrian knives are incredible, but it can be a little boring to see them advertised on social media or TV.

As a result, they went on the streets to show off their creativity. A rust-free knife is their promise. In the middle of the billboard, they carved out the shape of a knife. At the time, the billboard was completely silver, but as it aged, it became rusty. Pretty impressive, huh?

What You Need to Do to Create an Effective Campaign

Inspirational? It’s important that you follow a few steps to determine what you should be doing before launching a marketing campaign like this.

  1. Consider your long-term goals when setting a goal. Your short-term campaigns should help you achieve those goals.
  2. It can be useful to move away from the traditional, overcrowded channels and engage in more targeted campaigns. Defining who to target and where to target them can be helpful.
  3. Think outside the box. The best campaigns are memorable and daring. If it were done by another brand, would this impress me as well?
  4. Look at the metrics. Maintain a close eye on the relevant metrics that you are trying to improve during your campaign.


In today’s noisy world of commercials, marketing campaigns can help you stand out. Don’t be afraid to be creative, modern consumers will appreciate your efforts.

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