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How To Save Picrew Images: The Ultimate Guide to Using Avatar Pictures

by Victor

When you think of using avatar images, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is the popular online games. It’s no surprise since the usage of avatars or profile pictures has become very common among gamers. But this is far from being the only reason why you should start using avatar images more often.

They are not just for giving your social media profiles some character but also for giving your pictures a unique and professional look that other people will be able to understand easily too. With so many advantages of using avatar photos, it’s time you learn how to save them as well as how they can be used efficiently in different situations.

What is Picrew?

Picrew is an online avatar maker that lets you create your own avatar maker illustrations. You can choose from a huge collection of images to create a personalized profile and also use them to share stuff with your friends and loved ones. It’s basically like an image-maker creating a custom photo for social media profiles, with the difference that the app lets you search for images using different categories. Character creation and customization are easier with Picrew. Picrew creators have a variety of options for customizing their own avatars. They can draw it using the website. Creators can also select from presets available on the site. They can also create their own presets.

Creators can create a unique profile just by selecting images from the categories like Pets, Sports, Cities, Buildings, and many more. Choose from a wide range of backgrounds and customize the colors to make your avatar look great on any social media profile. You can also add stickers, text, and effects to your pictures to make them more interesting. You can create the most outrageous characters you have in mind with Picrew in just a few clicks. Visit this character creator game and make your own Picrew now!

How To Save Picrew Images Using Smartphone

If you are using a smartphone for saving avatar images, the process is pretty simple. You need to create a Picrew first before saving one.

  1. Open Picrew. You can access Picrew but searching it on your browser. Picrew has no application. It is a site that you can access using your device. It can be accessed on any device and browser available to you.
  2. Create a Picrew Avatar. When you are taken to the homepage where you’ll see a be a creator. Click this to get redirected to the page where you’ll have a plain canvas with a character that you can customize.
  3. Choose the gender of the character. Before diving into character creation, you need to choose the gender of the character. Gender plays a huge part in the appearance of the character. It also affects the set presets available for you to use.
  4. Create the personality of the character. Design the personality of your Picrew. Personality affects the style of the character. Style is a major part of how the character poses and its range of clothing selection.
  5. Customize the Avatar. After deciding and designing you can now start customizing the avatar you have designed. Picrew has a wide range of customization options that you can use in character customization. Use the personality and gender to create an avatar of your own.
  6. Save the Avatar. Finalize your design and save your avatar. You can save it in the size and quality you prefer. You can save it in JPEG or PNG file format. You should select the format which can be accessed on your device.

How To Save Picrew Images Using Laptop

If you want to save images in a more professional way, there is nothing better than a laptop. The method of How To Save Picrew Images Using Laptop is the same as How To Save Picrew Images Using Smartphone. Using a laptop will only allow you to have a wider variety of preset options. The character creation process is still the same as mentioned above.

Tips on Creating Avatar

Creating an avatar for a first-timer is hard. It can make your mind go blank and make you compare your design with other Picrew creators. Below are some helpful tips you should keep in mind while creating Avatars.

  • Always try to use a high-quality Picrew photo. A blurry photo or one is taken from a low-quality social media account will look very bad when used as your avatar. So, always make sure to take a good quality Picrew photo from a social media account that’s set to upload photos. Also, make sure to use photos that you’ve uploaded previously, preferably from the last few months. You don’t want to use old photos that have already been uploaded to the account.
  • Make sure to use a photo that’s in color and not a black and white one. Black and white photos look very bad when used as your avatar. Also, make sure to keep your hair and face clean so that they don’t end up appearing blurred when you take a Picrew photo.
  • Pick an avatar image that complements your account’s theme. For example, if you have a gaming account, you can try to use an avatar image that depicts gaming events or game-related images.
  • Pick a photo that you like and that represents you. Don’t pick a photo that is from 5 years ago and that you have already used for your social media profile. Pick something new that you have taken recently and that represents you the best.
  • Pick the right picture size. The first thing a person will notice about your social media profile is the photo. It is essential that you pick a photo size that is correct and all the other details like the picture quality, the color, and so are correct as well.

Final Words: How To Save Picrew Images?

There’s no doubt that using a Picrew image is more than just a trend. It’s a great way to give your social media account some character and is a good way to personalize your profile if you use the same profile picture on each social media account. It’s also a great way to explain things in an easy and engaging way to your followers. In this How To Save Picrew Images: The Ultimate Guide to Using Avatar Pictures, we’ve explained how you can save avatar images on your phone or on a laptop. We’ve also given you suggestions on how to create a good Picrew photo. So, whether you’re using a smartphone or a laptop to save your Picrew images, make sure to follow these instructions.

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