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How to Start an Amazon Store in 2022: the Expert Guide

by Uneeb Khan

Start an Amazon store so your brand will have more visibility on the site and sell more products. Check out these steps to get your store up and to run.

Online retailing is dominated by Amazon, the world’s most dominant company. The company generates over $280 billion in net sales every year in twenty nineteen. Globally, over a million retailers and individuals use the platform to sell their products. An Amazon store setup can help retailers stand out on the site. In the current economic climate, an Amazon Store is a must-have. How does a business achieve its goals? By generating more leads and generating more sales. Isn’t that true? A successful Amazon store is therefore essential.

Despite this, the platform has a lot more to offer business owners. Selling products is just one aspect of the forum. With a store, you can engage customers in a more robust and immersive online branding Services experience, letting them learn more about the company and see your entire product line in one place.

Here’s a short guide to setting up an Amazon store. Continue reading to get your business streamlined!

Register your brand on Amazon

Register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry after setting up your seller account. Your e-commerce business can thrive once you take the initial steps on Amazon. However, Amazon’s e-commerce store setup requires the following.

  • Have an active or pending trademark registration in the country where you plan to sell your products.
  • Brand names and logos must be displayed on your products and packaging.

If you meet those requirements, begin the enrollment process. Register your brand with the country’s marketplace of your choice, log into your seller account, and enter the rest of the required information. Afterward, your enrollment will be reviewed by the officials.

Publish products with rich details on your store

You can now begin adding all of your products to your digital shelves once your brand has been activated. Doing so is essential. Potential buyers need to feel excited about the products you are adding to your digital store. A spreadsheet-based approach to adding multiple products is available with the “Add a Product” button inside the Seller Central hub. SKUs must be unique for each item in your inventory. As soon as an SKU number is there on the products, you cannot modify it. Additionally, you will need to enter how many items you have in stock, their price, their condition, and what classification they should have.

Users with professional accounts can add Amazon A+ Content to each product. Add photos, videos, artwork, charts, and more to A+ Content to make your product more appealing. You can start creating A+ Content for your product listings by logging into Seller Central, clicking the Advertising menu in the navigation menu, and clicking Enhanced Brand Content. Then, you will need to enter the SKU of the item listing you wish to improve, choose a template and fill it out with images.

Create a store page and launch it

Once your seller account has been activated, your brand has been registered, and your inventory has been uploaded, you can launch your store page. Here is how to do it.

Access Seller Central by logging in.

  • You can create a new store by clicking Stores, clicking Manage Stores, and finally clicking Create Store from the navigation menu.
  • With options such as a simple product grid and a marquee to feature curated products, you can choose a template that makes the most sense for your store.
  • Click “Build Store” to begin.
  • Select the Page Manager option and then tap Add a Page to create subpages for your store. Subpages are made for different products, for example.
  • Text, images, and videos come as an add-on to your pages using the Tile Manager option.
  • With the Preview Window feature, you can see what your store will look like on most desktop and mobile browsers after selecting the top products you want to promote.
  • Click the Submit for publishing button when you have finished designing your store. You may need to wait a few days for the page to be approved.

You can view your general store performance with page views, visitors, and sales by clicking on Store Builder and then Insights once your store is live.

The later techniques

The top of your page should feature bestsellers or new items, and you should integrate artwork that pops off the page. Take some inspiration from popular store pages. They may provide you with ideas for something unique.

It would be best if you read Amazon’s creative guidelines for stores and its general seller guidelines before launching your store. A thorough understanding of all possible fees, restrictions, and how the page integrates with Amazon advertising. In the long run, following standard methods will help you accelerate your business.

Once you design the store and set it up, you need to market it proactively.

Tips for Success

You can create a successful Amazon store by following these tips.

Reviews from customers

The success of your Amazon business depends on reviews. You will show up in more Amazon searches if you have a lot of positive reviews, which will help customers trust your brand more.

It’s best to ask for reviews. Please send an email to your customers following their purchase. See if they have any questions about the product and how they are making it out. Request some honest feedback from them at the end.

You’ll receive more positive reviews using this simple strategy.

Advertise your products on Amazon

Amazon Ads tend to generate good traffic. You’ll eventually appear organically in searches if you build solid listings and use the right keywords, but you’ll appear instantly for the right keywords if you run some ads.

As well as advertising options, there are several other options available. You can advertise an Amazon store on other websites or through brand ads.

You can use the Keyword Search and Reverse ASIN Lookup tools to find the keywords you want to target with your ads. Choose keywords that are related to your product and have a high number of monthly searches.


The best way to start your personalized store on Amazon is by following the steps mentioned above. There are more guidelines to it. However, you can take complete advantage of it once you have made up your mind. All the best!

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